The true Abraham God Paradox.
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24-08-2014, 05:18 PM
The true Abraham God Paradox.
Here is what I see as the true Paradox of the Abrahamic God. All of them claim he is omnipotent and omniscience. (All powerful and all knowing)

Most Atheists will argue the all loving ( whatever that was called) part is where god's true paradox is really shown as if he was X then why does X happen and if he is so forth.

I am getting really sick and tired of seeing that argument involving the loving and good and just part. I think there is something far worst that I have never encountered anyone else say or even write before. At least not to the extent that I will here in a minute.

I am speaking of just the all knowing and all powerful aspects themselves vs free will and many other aspects that defeat religion. This is actually my ace card currently that I have to irrefutably proves god cannot exist. At least not the ones of the Abraham. To deny my argument or try to special plead your way out of it using Christian or Muslim or Jewish Faith logic is fruitless. As all of them will simply recede back into the "we cannot possibly understand it argument" and just dismiss this; however, it does not excuse the fact that no one can defeat it. Why you may ask? Because no true circular paradox can.

So, Let's say for the sake of the argument that I am GOD / Yahweh / Jesus / Jeno...whatever or whomever of those you want me to be.

I am all powerful, all powerful stats that no matter what, I can do whatever I want. I can make a square circle if I wanted too and break the laws of reality. However, There is one thing you can never break no matter how powerful you really are. A strong enough paradox can break even omnipotence. This means that I have the power to see the future. Which means that the future can be altered to however I want.

I can see at any moment in time I wish or all of them all at the same time If I wanted too. However, there is a huge problem with this, I also have omniscience as well. I am all knowing. If I am all knowing AND I can see the future. I am all knowing ABOUT the future.

Whiiiiiich meaaaaans?! What does that mean people?

Your right! It means I will have known that I will have eventually thought up the idea to create the universe before I would ever actually get the idea to make the universe which means there is 1 infinite time loop right there of me getting the knowledge that I would have the idea to make a universe before I would get the idea to make the universe; therefor, I would HAVE the idea to make the universe but I could not possibly do that because I am seeing the future which means the future must be altered but I am all knowing about the future which means I would have already seen this before any of this happened but it NEVER JUST NOW HAPPENED because I am infinite eons before the creation of the universe and Infinite never could possibly end since I was never created or born or spontaneously poofed into nothing land which means......OMFG...You see where this is going right?

Before I create the universe I have been struggling for infinite years to try to deal with whatever the **** this Massive paradox is. If I CHOOSE NOT TO SEE OR KNOW THE FUTURE...I am neither all powerful or all knowing AND I create the paradox of You cannot choose to not know something and you cannot choose what you want to know or do not know.

OK! Moving on!

Let's forget all that.

Let's say that I am not affected by paradoxes and I just know everything and how everything is going to change because I am that awesome.

Since I am all knowing and I can see the future. I will have already known about where I put the tree, the fact I condemned Adam and Eve to be placed in a garden, with a tree that would condemn all life on the planet to be susceptible to death, pain and misery for all eternity. I will have already known they would eaten that apple despite my half hearted warning and no attempt to keep the tree away from them despite being fully aware that I can read minds instantly and know every thought before it could ever happen and have already done so.

I will know the birth and death and actions and thoughts and movements and sins and deeds of every single living organism on that tiny speck I created. Which means we have no free will since our fates where set in god stone before god ever paradoxically thought of making the universe before he ever thought of it.

Since I know everything, nothing could possibly take me by surprise.

Before I ( God ) ever had the idea to make the universe, Your fates of going to burn in hell or ascend into heaven was already set in stone.

Which means, life does not matter, nothing matters. The universe is pointless and is ran by the living embodiment of a paradox that cannot possibly happen.

Anyone who could possibly believe that this is a functioning system for a being who can be omnipotent and science is delusional. This logic is what set me from Agnostic to atheist along with the fact that magic does not exist.

You cannot overcome a personal paradox. Personal paradox's are absolute and even if by some chance it were somehow magic makes it possible. It still does not excuse the fact that the absurdity that a being who has all this knowledge before he actually had the knowledge would STILL condemn countless people to suffer for an eternity which HE KNEW HE WOULD CREATE BEFORE HE KNOW HE WOULD CREATE IT.

The funniest thing of all, a personal paradox like that would need to have a beginning...which means god is not infinite or at sometime was never all knowing or powerful which would explain a finite universe that is only 4 billion years old instead of a universe that is 82349582035898123432847902364700000035012345234055120149850123129065781236501623​7856123650165081(pretend there is 480 billion digits after this) to the 2159237051235146805189(pretend there is 896.3 Quadtrillion digits after this) POWER (Exponent) Times twelve Earth years old.

So, For the paradox to actually happen, it needs a beginning which means My(Gods) all knowing or all powerful abilities had a beginning or either do not exist or I ( god ) does not exist.

So in short.

The personal paradox of all knowledge of the future is one.
The paradox of our fate is two
The personal paradox of a pointless universe and apathetic sadist god is three.

To sum it all up, three proofs why ( according to my "fallible" Human logic for you theists) believes that the Abraham god cannot possibly exist...period.

I am tired, I just got off of work so I hope I had written this out as clearly and concise as possible for everyone to understand.

Remember! Magic and special pleading are not allowed!
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