The universe is amazing and we don't need religion to make it better.
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20-04-2014, 03:52 AM
RE: The universe is amazing and we don't need religion to make it better.
(18-04-2014 03:18 PM)Virgo Supercluster Wrote:  
(16-04-2014 09:25 PM)PoolBoyG Wrote:  The Universe isn't better, it's worse. [...] That's why religion talks about "love" and "being cared for" and "having a place". Because the universe is terrifying.

I don't get the terror thing. All I feel is awe, honestly. The universe is so amazing that, even if I were only able to consciously experience it for a brief moment before blinking out of existence, I'd consider that a monumental privilege.

I too think that knowledge is a pursuit worth living (and dying) for, and fear goes against that objective. Yeah, death is not compatible with the survival of our species but without knowledge humans wouldn't have survived very long either.

If you keep seeing the universe as "too big" or "too scary" you're just using the blindfolds that religions use to substitute reality with their tales of angels and miracles. Or maybe you can embrace the fear, learn from it, make it your ally and see the universe with all its might and consider the destructive forces in play. I speak against the fear that humans place in other humans to dominate them and make them ignorant. Fear is supposed to make us flee against immediate danger or urge us to fight against an attacker. Not make us cower under the sky like it was about to strike us out of nowehere. (Even if it could, there are ways to calculate the probabilities of that occurance and predict it with calculations in order to prepare for it)

But when thinking scientifically I no longer think from the perspective of a tiny spec of carbon. I feel like I am part of that big, pitiless, beautifully complex and powerful thing called universe.
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