Theism and astronomy
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25-07-2016, 10:44 AM
RE: Theism and astronomy
(19-07-2016 02:25 AM)Dworkin Wrote:  . What do theists have to say about astronomy?
That astronomy was my favorite subject in school. Since I was 12 I was buying myself books about stars, space, planets.

(19-07-2016 02:25 AM)Dworkin Wrote:  When a theist tells us that God created the world, what does the word ‘world’ denote? Are they talking about the planet Earth or the entire universe?
We are talking about parts of the infinite space.

(19-07-2016 02:25 AM)Dworkin Wrote:  It would seem fairly obvious to me that the universe exists and is very large, maybe infinite. The Earth OTOH is very small in comparison, resembling little more than a lifeboat in a deeply inhospitable sea of vacuum and physical extremes instantly fatal to organic life. So, if God created the ‘world’ for the soul purpose of giving life to humanity, why all this other stuff?

This other stuff is for many other children of God who live on different planets.
We(inhabitants of Earth) are not the only children of our God

English is my second language.
I will burn in hell because self-righteous atheists will send me there.
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25-07-2016, 11:14 AM
RE: Theism and astronomy
(20-07-2016 06:44 PM)Full Circle Wrote:  
(20-07-2016 02:14 AM)Heywood Jahblome Wrote:  There is a goldilocks zone on the scale of the universe. Around the small end, any object would have only a few atoms to make it up. It wouldn't have enough atoms to generate the complexity needed for life. On the large end, the finite speed of light comes into play. It would take too long for information to pass from one spot in an organism to another.

Let me point out that there aren’t only three places in the spectrum of size, the two extreme ends and the exact middle. Apparently this hasn’t occured to you. You’re welcome.

I pointed it out to you Full Circle.
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