Theism's fatal flaw
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23-02-2015, 01:44 PM
RE: Theism's fatal flaw
(19-02-2015 03:08 PM)true scotsman Wrote:  
(19-02-2015 02:41 PM)The Q Continuum Wrote:  May I kindly tell you how you just shifted the goalposts? Because YOU wrote:

"By their own description of God, it is un-observable, incorporeal, supernatural and therefore neither provable or dis-provable."

By WHOSE own description? Every Christian, sane or nutty, ever at TTA, says Jesus is God in corporeal FLESH. Now, while even Peter himself said that having seen Jesus in the flesh and beholding His glory and so on, there was better proof in the form of fulfilled prophecy, you are just putting words in my mouth. They don't taste good, but I'll pass them eventually. Smile

And regarding the new goalposts, it IS provable and the Bible consistently offers proof. But your lack of desire to test and prove and know is neither my own fault nor the Bible's. We are both trying. Smile

Hi Q,

I don't think I'm moving any goal posts. I don't see how it is provable from the Bible. Since the Bible is the source of both the prophesy and the claims that the prophesy was fulfilled then we have the same problem. The claims of the Bible can not be evidence of their own truth. That is circular reasoning. Where does the Bible consistently offer proof that can be verified objectively?

Define "consistently", perhaps. We're talking about a book that says six (?) times the universe is in expansion, that Israel will become a Jewish nation after millennia of diaspora, that Gentiles worldwide will adore the Jewish Messiah, etc. I guess it depends on what you mean by consistent so I can better address your question.

Certainly, you can verify outside the scriptures that Israel became Jewish, Jesus is worshipped worldwide and the universe is expanding, of course.

I'm told atheists on forums like TTA are bitter and angry. If you are not, your posts to me will be respectful, insightful and thoughtful. Prove me wrong by your adherence to decent behavior.
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