Theist arguments that are making me crazy
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04-01-2013, 04:38 PM
RE: Theist arguments that are making me crazy
(30-12-2012 10:32 AM)cjs Wrote:  I live in the deepest of the Deep South and have had discussions with theists who believe I'm going to hell, etc. the arguments they give that tire me out the most are these:
1. When I ask for proof, they say you just gotta have faith. No, I really don't gotta since I have a brain and need proof.
2. Morality comes from god and the bible. I wish I could force them to read the critique of the OT on this website but know they would not.
3. When I point out some of the biblical atrocities, they say god is loving but also judging.
4. When I ask them that if someone lives a moral and good life but doesn't believe in god, they answer yes, that person is sentenced to burn for eternity with no chance of parole. When I point out the cruelty of that, I get the same argument as #3 above.
5. When I ask how they reconcile bible crap with science, one person even said god destroyed the world then created it again 6000 years ago, hence the fossils and archaeological findings. Really????
6. They always use the bible as their source. When I point out that I do not agree with the historicity of it, they revert to the you-just-gotta-have-faith argument.
7. Ditto when they say they know in their hearts and I ask how to make this happen for me.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share my favorite tired, trite and worn out theist arguments for consigning me to damnation for having the temerity to think and question. If the decision to believe or not is so important, why does it not warrant more thought from them, the ones who say it is all-important? What are some of your most tired arguments? How do you respond to them?

Fun in the Bible Belt....
First, please define DEEP in the south. I am in Elvisville, The city of Dead kings...Memphis, TN and it dont get any more Deep South Bible Belty than this town (we even have the big 3 crosses on Interstate 40 from our big mega church)
1. With argument One, then do they ALSO have faith that Mohammad of Islam and Xenu of Scientology existed? If faith is all they need then Odin should get a fair shake too! Right?
2. Ask them when they were kids, did their parents tell them not to hit their sister/brother/cousin (growing up) because it was gods desire..or that it was just wrong? That little experiment is the basis of our morality.
3. So they define love as killing unborn children like god did with a flood? Or killing first borns? Thats love? How about ordering rape? Is that love? Thats when i turn it on them...i ask them how many children have they killed today, how many people have they rape, how many floods have they ordered to kills thousands...and when they say NONE...i revert back to point 2 and tell them "WOW, YOU.. my friend....are MORE moral than god, it seems...and how does that feel?"
Here is the rub about point 3...they got this WONDERFUL verse that twists reality for them. ITs john 3:16. For god LOVED the world..that he KILLED (the very short version). See thats where they see murder/death equating to love. Christianity is a blood sacrifice religion...much like the Myans and Aztecs. Its all about BLOOD.

As for point 5 i'd say "Great point, show me the proof of this please" and then wait...when they cant ..ask the question again...and again ...and again till they give some sources or proof.
Point 6, ask them to show you proof of a Census of Herod, Show you proof of the infants killed while looking for baby jesus, ask them POINT BLANK was JC born in a manger or a house (luke vs matthew). How did a fucking STAR lead the wise men to where he was born? Ask them to define what a star is..then tell them how it moved and then stayed still to point out JC's birth place. A star that close to a'd think that would be a fire hazard...with a star being a BLAZING HOT BALL OF BURNING GASSES!
Point 7, a feeling...they KNOW in their hearts? Really? What about the muslims that have the SAME feeling? Or the buddist? Are their feelings WRONG? how can they be wrong?
These are easily bunkable arguments...just dont EVER make statements...always make the point via a Question. Making statemetns gets them thinking about the next thing they are gonna say (while not listening) but asking them a question forces them to engage. if they dont answer, ask again!
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04-01-2013, 05:44 PM
RE: Theist arguments that are making me crazy
Denicio, you are right there with me in the Deep South for sure! I'm just 3 hours south of you. I like your strategy of using questions, and you've given me some great comebacks. And yes, really, someone said #5. I wish I were joking, but alas, it was one of the educated theists previously referred to, one with a master's degree. You can feel my pain and surreality!

Godless in the Magnolia State
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