There are days when being a parent just sucks hairy donkey balls.
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25-05-2017, 08:59 AM
RE: There are days when being a parent just sucks hairy donkey balls.
(25-05-2017 07:55 AM)Vera Wrote:  
(24-05-2017 08:39 PM)Fireball Wrote:  I think that girls are harder to raise, because of the hormones

Have you seen what testosterone does to men, their entire freaking lives?

At least women, no matter how "hormonal" (and don't even get me started on that PMS-turns-women-into-fire-breathing-dragons pile of steaming shit) they get, rarely feel the urge to hit people, do stupid things, strut their ridiculous stuff around and ride on willy-substitutes, begging the whole world to notice them in their masculine glory. Dodgy

Like I've said before: the sea of testosterone is a harsh mistress and I'd take *my* hormones every day of the week and twice on Sundays, thank you very muchly.

There was a fascinating discussion on reddit (came across it by chance, am not on reddit) about cliches and stereotypes about women and someone pointed out how women are supposedly more emotional than men but what the hell is anger if not an emotion (and one of the ugliest ones, too. Few things I dislike more than angry people)? And yet, a woman crying is overly emotional and hormonal and a man punching a wall and swearing... is not? Yeah, fucking, right. Dodgy

Was recently watching a documentary about hormones (really interesting) and found it fascinating and infuriating that while women were for a long time treated by removing their uterus for everything from migraines to the plague almost, when scientists learnt about hormones they tried using a "testicle extract for rejuvenating old men". 'cause of that's the source of all that's good and noble and strong in this world, not like those creepy things happening in wimmin's dirty bodies Facepalm

"In the middle of the flanks of women lies the womb, a female viscus, closely resembling an animal; for it is moved of itself hither and thither in the flanks, also upwards in a direct line to below the cartilage of the thorax, and also obliquely to the right or to the left, either to the liver or the spleen, and it likewise is subject to prolapsus downwards, and in a word, it is altogether erratic. It delights also in fragrant smells, and advances towards them; and it has an aversion to fetid smells, and flees from them; and, on the whole, the womb is like an animal within an animal."

Blush You're right. Consider me spanked.
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25-05-2017, 09:11 AM (This post was last modified: 25-05-2017 09:15 AM by Vera.)
RE: There are days when being a parent just sucks hairy donkey balls.
(25-05-2017 08:59 AM)Fireball Wrote:  Consider me spanked.


It honestly wasn't aimed specifically at you, I just got triggered (god, saying this almost made me puke in my mouth). Seriously, it's been bothering me forever (I even wanted to mention the whole testicle things after I watched the documentary, but couldn't be arsed) Rolleyes

(I did even consider adding the clarification that it wasn't "that time of the month"... and not just because I'm on the pill. There really isn't such a thing as "that time of the month", at least not when it comes to becoming orders of magnitude crankier than on "other" days. Not as far as I and pretty much all women I know are concerned. Yet another lazy cliche that drives me up a wall.)

I do honestly believe we are much more similar than we are different.

"E se non passa la tristezza con altri occhi la guarderĂ²."
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25-05-2017, 09:51 AM
RE: There are days when being a parent just sucks hairy donkey balls.
To the OP: Sorry to break it to you, but you are about to enter the teenage years: there's a good chance that this will get MUCH worse before it gets better.

Just one piece of valuable advice that I received when my kids were growing up:

When your pre-teens/teens are ATROCIOUS with you, completely disrespectful and pushing ALL your buttons on purpose, reducing you to angry shouting/tears/ teeth-grinding on a daily basis, but are angels everywhere else (i.e. you talk to your neighbours or get to the parent-teacher meeting and hear nothing but praise and need to check with the neighbour/teacher that you're talking about the same person), then that`s NORMAL rebellion.

When your child starts acting out and treating OTHERS the way they treat their parents (see above), that`s NOT NORMAL and requires intervention, because mental health/physical health issues may be involved.

THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL: try to stay calm, bite your tongue, be firm but fair, keep the lines of communication open, and treat them like an adult while remembering that they aren't yet one.

Pick your battles: if it doesn't jeopardize their long-term health and safety, give them advice and leave it at that. Let them make their own decisions and experience the consequences of those decisions.

Take it from a "semi-retired" mom, whose daughter was thinking of dropping out of school at 16 while dating a drug-dealer, and generally causing me no end of grief, but who eventually broke up with the loser, graduated from (another) high school, went on to earn a BA, then an MPhil in the UK, and is now happy and independent.

Keep believing in them, and they will eventually believe in themselves.

Good luck!!

Your faith is not evidence, your opinion is not fact, and your bias is not wisdom
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