Things just happen! It's not always spiritual!
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30-01-2013, 06:32 PM
Things just happen! It's not always spiritual!
Hi I'm Lizzie and I'm beginning to think about Atheism. I'm just coming to point in my life where I don't believe it's necessary to have "God" guiding you through every step. I believe now I've been in denial of it for awhile, but I just think life just happens and you don't always need a "god " guiding you through every step. Here's an example.
I haven't been officially diagnosed with this Disability but I believe I have Dyscalculia Math Dyslexia. It basically means you have trouble reading and understanding Math problems, and something that makes sense one day is gone the next. That's why I really didn't like it when my dad said "Well why don't you just pray that God helps you do your best in Math?" Sorry Dad I don't think God is going to change that.
What I'm noticing at my youth group a-lot is although the lesson or idea changes from week to week one common things remains. You have to ask God for guidance with a personal problem. There's sopposedly this exercise where you nail a problem on the cross and hand it over to God. The most common problem I've nailed on the cross numerous times is Math.
It's not as easy as just handing it over to God.
One it's a rare disorder that affects about only 4-6% of people. I have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and A.D.D. but because Dyscalculia is so hard to diagnose. My Psychiatrist knew nothing, the Neurologist I went to knew nothing, I tried to get an appointment with a Psychologist I researched on the internet and from her description she said she works with numerous types of Dyslexic's which made me think she might help with Dyscalculia. But then she had a family emergency, and then a lady called in and the appointment was on the wrong date. So now we're going to a Neurophysicologist and he seems to be giving me the answer.
I did reach an agreement with my math teacher recently that I would only do evens on the chapter worksheets, and then on the 9 page review worksheets handed out at the end of each chapter along with the chapter worksheets, but I think it was just life.
I also don't like the way one of my youth groups leaders has reacted to me. I feel pressure to have a prayer request because if I don't have one she will be dissapointed. I think the real reason looking at it now was just because I really believed not everything has to be guided with "God." I'd rather figure out some things on my own.
I also was sitting in church one day and a guy announced to the Church praying about keeping the church building because the school district around there wanted to buy the church. But in my head I was like" That's kind of selfish" I don't think praying changes that . What happens will happen. That's life!
I'm also in a bit of a dilemma because I have a boyfriend but he's a pretty strong Christian. I think he's really sweet, and I really don't want to break his heart, but this is how I've been feeling the last few days.
I can see how praying helps some people. They don't know how to do things on their own so they turn to God. Dyscalculia is what led also to a period of Agnosticism this year. I just don't know why but I guess it's maturity.
Now I'm 18 and just think it's best to let some things just happen on their own. If praying helps do it but if it stresses you out don't push religion on yourself. Is this a type of Atheism? Please let me know.
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Things just happen! It's not always spiritual! - lizzielee - 30-01-2013 06:32 PM
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