Thinking about coming out as an atheist to one person....advice
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27-02-2014, 12:12 AM
RE: Thinking about coming out as an atheist to one person....advice
(24-02-2014 03:20 PM)amyb Wrote:  I mean, as an atheist, if someone tells me they're religious, I am not offended and I do not feel threatened. However, for theists, many of them do get offended and do feel threatened, and that's why they are always telling atheists to shut up and keep it to themselves, which is a total double standard and is bullshit. I have upset a lot of people simply by existing while being an atheist. I've lost friends, had fights with people, etc., but I realize that it's the price I pay for being honest and open.

Yeah I agree totally. I think that perhaps the reason theists go to war is because you become a living breathing contradiction. You contradict everything they understand and believe. By being an atheist they have to realise that their god isn't as powerful as he is said to be. When you do well and prosper without god, people see that their god is not necessary. Life exists outside the ambit of their lord and saviour.

Without saying anything you provoke an antagonistic atmosphere into being. The scriptures say that you will be punished and doomed for disobedience and rebellion. So why is so and so looking alive and healthy? Why did they get an "A" on that paper when I, a good and faithful servant, got a "B". If Mr/Mrs atheist can live a fulfilling life without the additional hastle of theistic dogma, then my beliefs are in vain. The bible is a lie.

That is why they fight. That is why they unfriend you, blackball you, kick you and denounce you. All just because you're alive and doing well without Jeebus.

8000 years before Jesus, the Egyptian god Horus said, "I am the way, the truth, the life."
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04-03-2014, 07:43 PM
RE: Thinking about coming out as an atheist to one person....advice
I'm working through the when and how to "come out" as well. Thankfully, my husband is only a step or two behind me in his deconversion and completely supportive. He'll even tell people that we are exploring being atheists. My children have been very positive, my 17 yr old was relieved as he has not believed in god for years. my 21 yr old said, "Now", Facepalm"you couldn't have figured that out before I had to be raised all fundamental conservative".
And my close friends were fairly easy to tell as well, now I'm struggling with how to tell my very fundamental christian parents and Pentecostal sister, as well as the facebook friends from my past who knew me as a "strong evangelical southern baptist". I too am tired of the like if you want to go to heaven posts, and the praise god this or that happened. I don't want to make my facebook a place for religious or political debate, but I also want to be able to share something I find meaningful without worrying if it came from an atheist/freethinker feed or not.
Tonight I private messaged a long time friend, we went to VBS together at the age of 11 and have stayed friends. I told her that I now identified myself as an atheist and asked her if she had any questions. She has not replied, but did post comments on pictures I shared stating we needed to get together for coffee next time we were in the same state. So I'm quite sure she has read it, but probably just doesn't know what to say. I had a very strong "testimony" and many "god experiences", so she may just be in shock.
My biggest fear is that she will come back with the following, "I've thought you were backsliding and i've been praying for a chance to share jesus's love with you again and help you return to your faith" -
What I have realized is that I don't really have the patience for a letter/message, so I'm still working on the letter for my parents/sister but will share with them in person.
I had thought about just keeping it a secret completely, but then when I told an aunt and uncle I hadn't seen in years, it turns out that my dad's side of the family has kept their lack of faith a secret from my parents, my sister and I. So I realized that staying quiet wasn't the answer for me as I probably have friends from the past who also don't believe but wouldn't think to tell me because I was so vocal about my faith in the past.
I feel less of a need to tell people i meet now, unless it comes up, but for those who either were on the receiving end of my evangelizing or partnered with me in those efforts I feel as though I need to come clean.
Anyway, that's where I'm at today... glad to be free from religion... still working on the best way to communicate that.
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