Thinking about getting a relgious eduacation degree
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07-04-2014, 04:23 PM
RE: Thinking about getting a relgious eduacation degree
I have been listening to a series on the New Testament on Itunes U. I think it's was recorded at Yale. There are about 25 episodes to it. It's interesting to hear the NT being explained in historical context.

From the few personal comments, I assume the instructor is Christian but he doesn't try to sway anyone one way or another. He is explaining interpretations and what Biblical scholars think about the origin of certain stories and writings.

I suppose I hadn't really looked at a degree in religion as being used to teach at a university. I grew up too close to a seminary that was trying to crank out priests...I thought that was the only reason to go for a degree in religion.

But, if you go to Itunes U, it's called Introduction to the New Testament. I haven't looked to see if there are others. It's free. Maybe you can get an idea of how far in depth you really want to go...sounds like it would be real helpful to know Greek and Latin and lots of history.

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