Thinking clearly? Did this happen to you? - Newer Atheist
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13-02-2016, 12:53 AM
Thinking clearly? Did this happen to you? - Newer Atheist
Im a newer atheist. and for the most part pretty confident as well. Especially when i watch a new video about it, or read something about it, or think about it really intently like I'm sure a lot of you do. But sometimes after a few days of not thinking much of it... all the logical thoughts trickle out of my brain.. and i start second guessing myself again. I don't know why because whenever i study it again it all comes back to me and I'm like.. oh yeah duh, what was i thinking, of course its BS.

I wasn't ever really raised religious. i mean, we were super basic non praying no church going christians that celebrated christmas and that was the extent of it. so it wasn't engrained in my brain or anything at a young age. but for some reason i find myself second guessing myself after a few days of really thinking about it.

Is this normal??? I dont know why that happens and why my brain can't just stick with one thought process.. especially when i feel so strongly about my lack of belief in religion. does it get easier to think clearer?
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