Thinking outside of the "box" (earth)
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06-05-2012, 11:04 AM
Thinking outside of the "box" (earth)
(The whos, whys, whats and hows are irrelevant in the events leading up to this hypothetical scenario)

You are on a completly self sustaining spaceship...... a one of a kind. You leave earth and go into orbit to do tests........ a large unseen asteroid approaches and hits the earth. You witness the impact and watch as basicly everything on the surface of the planet perishes. Twenty minutes later you witness another large asteroid hit the earth and then another.......... you break orbit and head away from Earth and as you do you witness a large barrage of asteroids hitting the earth destroying it completly. Somehow you survive the chaos/debris/heat.

You are the last human being alive....... everything you have known is now gone.

What would be your thoughts in the days afterwards??? Would it change your opinions on anything and which ones??? What would you miss most??? What would you be glad to see go??? How do you think this event would affect you???

Play about with the scenario....use your imagination Smile

For no matter how much I use these symbols, to describe symptoms of my existence.
You are your own emphasis.
So I say nothing.

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