This is not Justice
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27-09-2014, 12:37 AM
This is not Justice

Okay, so a couple of racists hacks call 911, and lie about what is happening. This sends in the cops, weapons drawn, who effectively shoot first and ask questions later. Because of this, John Crawford is now dead; a victim of the crime of being a black man carrying around a BB Gun in a state where open-carrying actual firearms is legal.

They did not release this security footage before the grand jury ruled not to charge the two officers.

After you see the footage, you'll know why.

This is not justice.

If you have kids here in the United States, for the love of shit teach them to be afraid of the cops; and especially if you're not white. This shit is getting out of fucking hand. The police can, and will, open fire on you. They will not yell 'freeze'. They will not use a taser or pepper spray even they have any inkling that you might pose even the slightest threat to them. They will put you down hard, and potentially lethally, if you commit the greatest crime you can; disrespect or fail to follow the order of a police officer.

Now compare that to this.

This officer was fired, and will be prosecuted for assault with a deadly weapon. Now that is justice. I say we need always-on cameras on all cops, and we need them immediately. If you want to obstinately 'protest and serve' as a office of the law, know that the public has a right to keep tabs on you while you do so. This shit simply isn't acceptable.

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27-09-2014, 05:17 AM
RE: This is not Justice
Cameras seem like a good idea.

More fodder, too, for salacious YouTubers. Coming soon:

Top 10 cop killings 2014.



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27-09-2014, 07:46 AM
RE: This is not Justice
It's always been that bad and worse, but now we are more aware of it because of the cameras. I am all for them.

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27-09-2014, 10:14 AM
RE: This is not Justice
I completely agree every officer should be required and equipped with audio and visual equipment. It protects the citizens, and it protects the officers from BS claims, it provides juries, and State attorneys with irrefutable evidence of what actually happened as eye witness accounts are some of the lowest form of evidence when investigating a case. It also would keep the officers aware they are being video taped and some of the over bearing robo cop shit should go away, if not, they wont have jobs for long when their tapes are reviewed at shift end.

Another perspective of why they are so twitchy these days...

and shit like this...

I think cameras should be a mandatory thing, and can't believe it isn't yet.

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