This is what I call crass mockery
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14-05-2010, 06:16 AM
This is what I call crass mockery

I'm afraid I couldn't find any recent, more 'reliable' sources in the English language, but here's the gist of it. The leaders of the Romanian Orthodox Church wish to built this humongous monument of bad taste (see picture here) called the People's Salvation Cathedral, as they deem the number of existing churches (over 14.500, according to an orthodox site) insufficient and believe that the nation needs a HUGE place of worship to please the 'lord almighty'. The problem is that we are going through a period of harsh economic recession, and there aren't much money to built it with (or, at least, there shouldn't be). And boy, do they need a lot of money! The total costs are estimated to 400 euros, at the very least. Meanwhile, the government is passing laws meant to decrease costs and save budget money. These include cutting down state-funded wages by 25% and pensions by 15%. The country is on the brink of disaster, state workers threaten a series of strikes throughout the country, yet his 'Beatitude' the Patriarch remains unrelenting in his decision to built the much (un)needed coloussus. This was his response to criticism that this is not the best moment to build a church of those proportions :

“We deem deceitful the opinion according to which money must be saved, including by ceasing work on places of worship that are being built, as erecting a place of worship strengthens solidarity and cooperation among the faithful, and also stregthens spiritual life, enabling people to overcome any sort of crisis, without adjusting themselves to hopelessness or dehumanization." (my own translation)

I know this has nothing to do with any of you, but this sort of megalomaniac stubbornness in times of crisis is revolting, preposterous and unjustified. They could use that money to help the poor, as they sermon others to do. Instead, they go on with this ridiculous idea and take advantage of the beliefs of their poor and ignorant 'flock' to get their way. I just hope this will serve to open up people's eyes about the greed, egotism and indifference of their religious 'shepherds' and choose not to finance their whims anymore (althought that's probably just wishful thinking, as much too many are wilfully blinded by religion).

Rant over.

All learning is quite useless if you haven't learned to question what you learn.
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14-05-2010, 08:32 AM
RE: This is what I call crass mockery
hate to trow a monkey wrench in the works but that (translated) statement does make sense it just doesnt make much sense in the given context.

in any given depression hope is what gets the ordinary joe through the day. and of the liquor when times are tough. keeps them going thinking it might be better as long as they work hard.

and the catholic belief if the right version is practiced does preach solidarity and austerity. it was for a reason marx called it the opium of the people. no matter what crap they get served they will eat it up because they are going to heaven if they do. and during a crises that attitude is quite helpfull. spend less and produce more.

but this wont have any effect for this economic crises. by the time the church is erected the crises will already be over and people wont need it anymore as a safety net. now is just the best time politically to build it, as more people are desperate for guidance and hope.

in short the poor ignorant flock will benefit but just not on the short term which we need right now, and i doubt it will be significantly. i dont belief that a church should be the cornerstone of ones religion. it should be your own conviction.

so yes they are megalomaniacs and are preposterous but not completely unjustified.

ps the erection itself could stimulate the local economy. as in small retail business. and market value of surrounding houses might go up as there are a lot of people who think a nice church in the neighborhood is a plus strangely enough.
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14-05-2010, 01:53 PM
RE: This is what I call crass mockery
I have to take an anti-church stance in this case (is there any other logical stance to take?)

Yes, I can see how religion can help make people 'feel better'...they've been trying to do it for thousands of years, so nothing new there.

But, the fundamental problem I have with this is that building this church (and religion in general) only provides a bandage solution to a larger problem. What kind of hope and guidance will the church provide? Heavenly salvation? Godly intervention? Both of which are useless/pointless/not applicable. The church, and religion overall, are not in any position to offer hope or guidance.

It is akin to an ostrich sticking its head in the sand during a dangerous moment. Just because you're distracted from the crap in the world doesn't make the crap go away.

If you want to solve a problem, take it head on. Bring minds together, brainstorm, think of ways to mitigate the risks that the economic downturn will bring. Building a church and avoiding the problems is like building a bomb shelter to hid from the explosions. What you really should be doing is having peace talks with the people lobbing the bombs at you to have them stop from bombing you in the first place.
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14-05-2010, 03:37 PM
RE: This is what I call crass mockery
Your proposals are all very good, however this church is absolutely necessary. After all, there is clear evidence to support that Yahweh has become dissatisfied with the thousands of average sized tabernacles already dotting the area, and thus would favor a very big mosque to make her happy again. Obviously this economic down turn is not due to world factors, but due to a punishment sent by Allah. If we are to make Krishna happy again then we will need to build this temple as quickly as possible, so that we may regain favor in Zeus' eyes. Praise Odin! Ramen.
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15-05-2010, 08:50 AM
RE: This is what I call crass mockery
My family is actually originally from Romania, though now I live in the US, and I still have a lot of family living there so this kind of impacts me on a smaller scale as well..

While I can kind of see how building a big church in the middle of the capital city would benefit some people spiritually, that is not going to feed the people. Wages and pensions typically are, and cutting those down won't do anyone any good. Yes, it might provide a few extra jobs, but only in the capital, while wages are being cut down all over the country just to build it.

Plus, all my Romanian relatives are Catholic, so they won't benefit spiritually anyway. They'll probably just get pissed that their tax money is going to fund the building of an Orthodox cathedral in the middle of the capital. I suspect the rest of the Catholics and Jews in Romania aren't too happy about this either.
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