Thought atoms.
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13-02-2015, 09:43 AM
RE: Thought atoms.
(13-02-2015 08:15 AM)pablo Wrote:  Does the 'Thought Atoms' hypothesis then conclude that if a person merely imagines/conceives of a god, then that god physically exists?

Well, not all information can be accurate. I think the idea that perceives god is merely the fear of death and since we cannot do anything about it and the universe "us as its smaller parts" long for an external force to come and save us since we do not "yet" have the ability to do it ourselves. Perhaps one reason why the idea of outside of time and space might exist is that because other much older universi also exist that in some way might be connected or near our own?

But, just because one perceives something, would not necessarily make it manifest. It is true that we and others like us somewhere out there could very well be the way that the universe knows it exists, but something does not merely exist just because the thought atoms make us think so.

Like I said, they could just be configured wrong.

My Youtube channel if anyone is interested.
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