Thoughts on Hitler?
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06-06-2014, 02:26 PM (This post was last modified: 06-06-2014 02:29 PM by Tartarus Sauce.)
RE: Thoughts on Hitler?
(06-06-2014 10:21 AM)johnreynaga Wrote:  Hitler was controlled by the Jesuits and the people who were responsible for WW11 got away with what they had done.
Citation needed

Quote:Our world is controlled, and we remain ignorant and lied to every single day.

Well at least you got that right, but you fail to understand the real issues.

Quote: Hitler was allowed to escaped to Argentina where he died in his 70's.
You forgot to mention the dragons.

Quote: Please start looking at evidence, we are in a lot of trouble and our rights are being destroyed.

No, YOU start looking at the evidence.

I care about the fact that Southeast Asian children are exploited in sweatshops to create the the multitude of products individuals of developed world surround themselves with. I care about the fact that 60% of the chocolate on the market comes from West African child slave plantations because it makes for quick and efficient labor. I care about the fact that a majority of the world's governments are corrupt as fuck and constantly try to secure their own benefits at the expense of their subjected populace. I care about the fact that our world is one of heavy inequity in terms of resource distribution, and a significant portion of this world's population lives in homes made out of fucking cardboard and sheet metal with no working amenities. I care about the fact that the US government is almost completely bought out to corporate interests, interests which are usually diametrically opposed to public welfare. I care about the fact that we have no truly effective means of international unification and rather continue to fracture out the interests of each of our own individual nations, which usually involves staking our interests at the expense of other countries or flat-out neglecting them.

There are very specific, and very good reasons to question authority. Specific, well-documented, and highly intricate and complex processes produce the situations I described above. You have an understanding of neither. All you see is conspiracy, and it's the wrong types of conspiracy. Conspiracies do exist, and authority should be questioned, but that doesn't mean any theory you construct by pulling out from under the rug with only the most bare-boned and flimsy of supporting evidence automatically gets to have itself labelled as valid or credible.

This is a world that operates under gradients, not black-and-white dichotomies. The fact I don't buy your bullshit doesn't mean I coddle the government's teat. I question the government on a daily basis, but I do not come to the conclusions you do because the things you are concluding are foolish bunk that are easily refutable. Your "arguments" are archetypical examples of flawed reasoning and poorly constructed foundational evidence.That is why I disregard it, not because I don't know how to question.

As a member that has been on this forum for quite awhile and has gotten to know the people here, I am confident in my assessment that this is why others have disregarded your theories as well.

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06-06-2014, 10:43 PM
RE: Thoughts on Hitler?
(13-03-2014 01:54 PM)itsnotmeitsyou Wrote:  He was a decent artist ...
By all accounts I've heard he was a lousy artist which is why he didn't get into art school. He did not handle the rejection well.
(13-03-2014 01:54 PM)itsnotmeitsyou Wrote:  ... and he gave us Volkswagen.
Ferdinand Porsche gave us the Volkswagen. He got funding from Hitler.

Sapere aude
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08-06-2014, 01:01 PM (This post was last modified: 09-06-2014 05:01 AM by anonymous66.)
RE: Thoughts on Hitler?
(13-03-2014 01:54 PM)itsnotmeitsyou Wrote:  ... and he gave us Volkswagen.
Quote:Ferdinand Porsche gave us the Volkswagen. He got funding from Hitler.

I have no love for Hitler, but I'm something of a car buff and I've read Small Wonder by Walter Henry Nelson. Porsche did have a design in mind for small car, but Hitler had his own ideas. Hitler met with Porsche, because he knew Porsche wanted to produce a small car, and had a design in mind. Nelson explains that it was Hitler's idea to provide the German people with a vehicle that was rugged, fuel-efficient, dependable and affordable enough that every German family could own one. Hitler stipulated that the car must be air-cooled, seat 4 people, and had a few more design stipulations that Porsche agreed to. Porsche was quoted as saying the target sale price Hitler had in mind was idiotic. Porsche's target price was 1550 marks, and Hitler reduced it to 900 (or $360).

Porsche may have designed and built a small car independent of Hitler, but it wouldn't have been an air-cooled 4 seater, with good fuel efficiency and a very low price.
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08-06-2014, 01:26 PM
RE: Thoughts on Hitler?
(13-03-2014 01:42 PM)john2 Wrote:  I have always had a strange fascination for the guy. Yes I know he was crazy and killed everyone but he practically came from nowhere and built his movement up from the ground. Only a few years after he took over Germany had become a superpower again. Doesn't that have to count for something? So is there anything redeeming about him or was he all bad?

I was born in Germany to American parents as my dad was stationed there. I've always had an interest in Germany and took German in jr high and high school.

I didn't read through all 9 pages, so forgive me if anyone else has already pointed out, that in many ways, Hitler was filling a vacuum. The people of Germany needed a strong leader to help them recover national pride after the humiliation they suffered following WWI.
Hitler was a monster.... and he probably wasn't as insane as some try to make him out to be. But, the German people let him become what he did.
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