Three Scenarios
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14-10-2013, 10:23 PM
RE: Three Scenarios
Oh, I just remembered another interesting part of the conversation. This part happened later and touched on a different subject, and would take more time to go into detail that I want to bother with in this post. But the short of it was a conversation of the nature of "free will" in heaven. The details, like I said, are very long, but in the end she actually succumbed to the logic that "God" would have taken our "free will" in heaven (based on the fact that heaven would be "perfect" and no one could go against "God' there or else heaven would not be "perfect"), but that doesn't matter because that is the reason why we have it now, to prove to "God" whether we would use our "free will", while we have it here on earth, to willingly give ourselves to "God" showing that we are willing to give up our "free will" in heaven in order to be perfect.

Again, very long conversation, and how we got to this point was left out in this post, but once we did get to this point I did ask, "Wouldn't that make you a puppet if you have no choice of you what you do, but can only do things "God" finds acceptable?"

Her response was, "I'd be happy to be a puppet for "God" in heaven".

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