Time for a Hal Lindsey Apology Project?
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02-09-2011, 07:28 AM
RE: Time for a Hal Lindsey Apology Project?
(01-09-2011 08:39 PM)Stark Raving Wrote:  S.T. It's the quotes within quotes that make things screwy. You can have lots of quotes, but just avoid requoting, since it makes a quote of a quote of a quote, and so on. That's when the whole world comes crashing down! LOL

I can turn on your editing if you like so you can clean things up? I'd do it for ya, but I don't want to make your posts out of context.

Hello Stark, good morning. I think I figured out what you are talking about last night before I had to leave: I think you are addressing what happened when I tried to correct the posts, and it was at this time that there were multiple quotes in the replies. With the exception of one of the quotes, where I tried to multi-quote and more than what I quoted came up, and due to the difficulty I have been having, I didn't remove it, just answered tose with the original poster I was trying to quote.

I will try to get that straight, and just ask for a little patience as I learn to navigate the boards. Things are set up a little different from what I am used to, so I have been having a little difficulty. For some reason I am getting a very slow response from the controls, but it only happens in the response sector.

As far as the edit function, I guess i would need to know exactly what it is before requesting activation, but if you want me to edit the other posts, I don't mind.

Thanks again for the help,

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02-09-2011, 08:37 AM
RE: Time for a Hal Lindsey Apology Project?
(01-09-2011 05:48 PM)Lilith Pride Wrote:  Sorry for the gender misnomer.

lol...no problem.

(01-09-2011 05:48 PM)Lilith Pride Wrote:  When I myself responded to your question it was the pre/post question not Hal Lindsay's doctrine.

Which is effect the heart of the discussion, I think.

I just feel that the discussion rests upon what one feels to be the "truth" about the rapture so as to examine their objections, first, to Hal's interpretation and what he has done, but secondly, and more importantly, how one feels about Christians and Christianity and what thy base that upon.

Two comments to try to put this in perspective: 1)I could "hate" Darwin based upon just the knowledge that he is the modern figurehead of evolution, and in doing so, create a hatred in my heart for all his followers, gaining as a basis for that hatred what others say evolutionists believe, rather than talking to evolutionists themselves. This is really a non-issue for me, as there are Christians that believe in evolution, so my approach shows that I harbor that hatred and it is found to nonsensical.

2)In my approach to evolutionists and athiests, I can make assmptions and presumptions that will not reflect the beliefs that are as sure of being diverse as those found among Modern Christendom. I try not to do that.

There are many doctrine in Modern Christendom (and remember, I use this term to describe "Christianity" as the world perceives it, not as Christianity is applied in the individual lives of believers...not all things "christian" are in fact Christian) that I can look at and understand how people will come to accept those doctrines. Soulsleep, for one. In my early walk it was a doctrine that amazed me how "people could believe that!"

But, as I began speaking to those who embrace this doctrine, I saw quite plainly that it was, on the surface, a believable doctrine, and apart from thorough study it can quite easily be taught to those who unfortunately...do not think for themselves. Slothfulness is warned about in scripture, but it is an easy thing to fall into, given all of our natures to be complacent in certain areas.

(01-09-2011 05:48 PM)Lilith Pride Wrote:  Often times on this forum a thread will morph when someone brings in something interesting.

It is true, and I believe that it is also a necessity at times, because we do not build our beliefs on any single point of knowledge, but usually a belief system is built upon the big picture we perceive.

(01-09-2011 05:48 PM)Lilith Pride Wrote:  As your responses have mentioned I would say there is nothing wrong with your method of reading since you have no problem reading books that are not about religion or are anecdotally about religion. As you placed the pygmata and the talmud in the same class you seem to be aware of those roots as well. Though I have never heard of catholics finding them particularly holy.

Th reference was just to point out my understanding of the talmud (not at all familiar with "pygmata," unless this is another term for pseudepigrapha) and my view that both Jews and Catholics "added" to inspired scripture in a commentary/interpretive sense.

(01-09-2011 05:48 PM)Lilith Pride Wrote:  Another question about your reading. A very good book by Richard Dawkins is mentioned here quite often as a good source for understanding evolution. "The Greatest Show on Earth" is a book written by an outspoken atheist that is not about atheism or theism but about evolution. He makes occasional mentions of creationism due to it's contradictory stance with evolution but is quite proper in leaving his overall distaste for religion out of this book. Would you read it in order to understand more about evolution?

I take the approach of two examples: 1) When trying to know what is genuine and what is counterfeit, just like those who are assigned the task of exposing false currency, they do not study counterfeit money in order to expose it, they study genuine currency;

2) As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle expressed in the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes, "the brain is to viewed as an attic, and we should not clutter it with unnecessary items.

Let me try to explain my application of those two principles: if it were my desire to turn people away from evolution, that would be one thing, but I have no biblical directive concerning this. I have only to be a witness for Jesus Christ.

So, no, I would not read the book, because it is not my intention to either "prove" or "disprove" evolution, I can understand, just as in other beliefs I disagree with, how one could believe in evolution, but I myself do not.

It is just not that important to me. Not all evolutionists deny the existence of God, so, my focus is not on this issue, but on the issue of God's existence.

(01-09-2011 05:48 PM)Lilith Pride Wrote:  The thing about my understanding of the bible is that I have an acceptable grasp of the central themes presented in the stories due to my baptist family, and most every christian relies more on their remembered interpretation of the bible for reference than specific passages in many cases.

This is true. The leadership of the Church is given the responsibility of discipling the Body of Christ, and this is an area where the leadership has not fulfilled its responsibility. There are many factors involved in this issue, so that it would take a lot of time to address the individual issues, pertaining not just to the leadership and that which they teach, but also to the "laity" and the maturation process.

Most Christians are "fed" their beliefs, I believe, in the sense that few go to the effort to understand better what their church teaches. It is just accepted, and no-one wants to "rock the boat." I thank God that I did not grow up in the church, as complacency is a great possibility, even as I myself have had periods in my walk with the Lord where I have grown complacent. Salvation, in a temporal sense, is a process and most go through specific stages, even as children grow up in stages, and we can put names to these stages (i.e. "the terrible twos," and the worst stage...teenager [lol]).

But I also believe that maturation depends upon our obedience to simple principles, even as how we interact with society depends upon simple principles.

(01-09-2011 05:48 PM)Lilith Pride Wrote:  I don't seek to be a biblical scholar so I believe it is enough for me to have an acceptable grasp of the overall story and read a chapter.

And it will be understanding the big picture that will help us most to understand the teaching of scripture, I believe. Which is why I suggest topical study as opposed to sequential reading. Many lose interest by the time they get to Leviticus, but if first we are familiar with Hebrews, we will then gain an interest in the doctrine of Leviticus.

(01-09-2011 05:48 PM)Lilith Pride Wrote:  If I think of something that correlates I'll search it since I do my bible passage research online anyway.

And this is something that is relatively new to bible study. In a moment, a touch of a keypad, we can do what literally would have taken months in years past. We can pull up the original language, we can view a particular word in every place it is found, and by that get a general understanding of the word so that when we get to a passage that might confuse us, by having that understanding we might gain an insight as to the contextual intent of specific passages which are used to build doctrines by some.

Here is a study if you are interested: Look at the words perfection, perfect, full age, and finisher in the Book of Hebrews, and in doing so, a book that has caused many a sincere student much confusion is made understandable, and certain doctrines are taken out of the picture as they are in opposition to what is actually being taught.

(01-09-2011 05:48 PM)Lilith Pride Wrote:  For me christianity is more something that I've always been bombarded with than something I'm uniquely interested in.

This is actually important to both believers and non-believers. If we are not interested in something, why would we invest time understanding them?

As fa as bombardment, I understand. I see some that I thinkm grieve the Lord due to their approach. But, there are different ministries, different approaches, I just try to deal with what is before me, rather than think that all are the same.

Since I have been here, I have recognized very much the same patterns that I see on the Christian forums, emphasizing the fact that "people are the same all over," in the sense that there are just going to be certain things that occur on both sides of the aisle.

(01-09-2011 05:48 PM)Lilith Pride Wrote:  In fact you and I share a common interest in the desire to understand and grasp other people's views. I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about. Just remember that I'm using a keen memory and the desire to understand you to discuss topics which you are interested in. That is the way to look at it if I'm replying to you =p

Good to know. I cannot promise I can make myself understood, but I will try. Knowing that I am the guest here I will try not to offend, but as is always the case in disussion and debate, sometimes offenses are perceived due to the opposition of position as a general rule. But, there is no reason we cannot discuss our beliefs, and I thank you for the kind responses, as they encourage me greatly.

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