To be a woman: Sometimes I think it must suck!
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04-12-2013, 11:28 PM
RE: To be a woman: Sometimes I think it must suck!
I don't see men and women, I just see people.
I just so happen to like the people with vaginas more than those with penis'.

A women should not be taught that makeup, hair removal, and cosmetic surgery is a necessity. Have confidence in how you appear and act. Don't base your life decisions and roles based on your gender.

Body hair is natural thing of maturing, I'm attracted to women not girls.
Makeup belongs in theatre, stop pretending to be an illusion.
Take care of your body, its cheaper than having fat sucked out.

Finally, why can't women enjoy casual without judgment sex but the men can?
As I man, I'd never consider someone a whore simply because one their natural joys is sex.
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