"To bind" Paris/9/11/Dark ages.....OP/ED
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16-11-2015, 09:11 AM
"To bind" Paris/9/11/Dark ages.....OP/ED
It is extremely important to me, in a rightful reaction to violent acts, that my species doesn't lose it's sense of humanity.

RationalPoet...........To believers, both family and friends and passers by who may read this. This is the only rock we have as a species to live on. While all of us can accept that on region of the world is still stuck in it's own dark ages, that still does not give the west license to treat a non violent individual as the entirety of the region itself. I will always stand by my position that religion, as an idea, all religions, are poison. They are inherently tribal and local and far too often cause the poison of setting up "us vs them" which humanity needs less of, not more of.

I promise none of what you just read is advocating the government force of ANY religion.Just a challenge to my species to consider that if we accept that it is dangerous, instead of giving it cover, we can reduce the problems it causes. But that isn't just Islam. There was no written religion of any kind 200,000 years ago, and our species still displayed acts of cooperation and acts of cruelty.

Religion literally means "to bind". That binding may be good for the group, but it has the flaw of creating "in group, vs out group". I think lots of human divisions could be solved, not by riding the world of religion by force, but by accepting the negative side affects humans continue to protect, either out of zealotry, or a well intended false sense of fairness. My issue will never be about human rights. My issue is about how bad logic and blind support can and far too often does lead humans to be needlessly divided.

The west forgets, because of our false sense of security common law sets up, which isn't wrong, that both left and right, are still looking in a book, and making decisions based upon what they read in those books. No you cannot stop that without becoming an monster, but you can challenge people to understand that we are not a separate species. Not even atheists should desire to use force against non violent people, based upon the acts of violent people. But we must allow for scrutiny and blasphemy and even ridicule to insure that the horrors of any label, do not manifest into religious justifications for violence.

Poetry by Brian37(poems by an atheist) Also on Facebook as BrianJames Rational Poet and Twitter Brianrrs37
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