To our Europeans: Is everything okay over there?
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17-04-2011, 04:22 PM
RE: To our Europeans: Is everything okay over there?
(17-04-2011 08:59 AM)TheSelfishGene Wrote:  "Someone mentioned Hungary , don't you have a whole fascist movement there ?"

Well I'm not sure they are fascist but there is the "Jobbik - movement for a better Hunary". They are the extremely nationalist movement, the Jobbik party has 17% of the MP's. They organised a Hungarian Guard, which was basically a voluntary army without weapons. They sometimes marched over gypsy villages (doing nothing but marching) and had passionate assemblies in the capital. Then they were deemed racist were dismissed by the parliament

I see.
I am worried about such groups popping up all over Europe. They don't necessarily resort to violence but their agenda worries me.
I'm surprised they gained so much political power.
We do have a radical right party in Romania but it usually gets 4% in elections and is mostly ridiculed.
We even have a party that openly uses the symbol of the Iron Guard. But thankfully they never got any power.

Atheism is a religion like OFF is a TV channel !!!

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