To the Theists. God Work's in Mysterious ways?
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04-02-2016, 03:22 PM (This post was last modified: 04-02-2016 03:30 PM by Agnostic Shane.)
RE: To the Theists. God Work's in Mysterious ways?
(04-02-2016 02:15 PM)mgoering Wrote:  
(04-02-2016 01:54 PM)mgoering Wrote:  There's no reason to begin with the premise that "God works in mysterious ways", to reason out why he doesn't communicate with us. Both are easily understood by the fact that he DOESN'T EXIST.

I want to slap the next Christian that says "God works in mysterious ways". It's their way of explaining a negative incident that takes place that could be much more logically explained by saying "there is no God".

Why did hurricane Katrina wipe out New Orleans? According to Jerry Fallwell, it was an act of God for all the atheists and homosexuals in our country. But why didn't he just kill the atheists and homosexuals and spare all the other innocent people? "We'll never know, God works in mysterious ways."

Now try: There is no God, hurricanes are formed by certain weather patterns on earth and if a large city happens to be in it's path then it is wiped out.

Which one of these two explanation sounds more logical?


When you hear a Christian say, "Thank you Jesus for (fill in the blank)!", Chances are, there was a POSITIVE occurrence in that person's life. She prayed to Jesus and her prayers were answered.

But, on the other hand, if you hear, "It's a shame that God let that happen. I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways." More than likely there was a NEGATIVE outcome, and that person is trying to justify why her compassionate God didn't answer her fervent prayers.

I wanted to add: That second person would be totally justified in saying, "Fuck you God! The Bible says that my prayers can move mountains, ask and you will receive. And all I wanted was my husband to be cured of cancer. Was that asking too much? I prayed my fucking ass off! I attend church every week and bow down to kiss your fucking ass. What is wrong with you?!"

You never hear that kind of response. Unless it's in the privacy of their own bedroom just before they're head out to church to say confession.
Been there, done that. It felt good too.
How about the now deceased people that prayed for God to save them from death? What could be a better reason than that?
What's the point in praying if our prayers don't make a difference to achieve what we want?
God does what he wants regardless of our prayers right?
Are they going to tell me that if we don't pray things will not go in our favor?
I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have had things go in my favor without even thinking about God.

Why don't these religious leaders tell the people the truth for a change. Prayers aren't for us, it's for God right? He derives pleasure from seeing us beg for help from a being that just doesn't care about our silly prayers. Of course there is always the off chance if we entertain the beast enough he might give us a free get out of hell ticket right? So that we can become mindless worshippers in heaven? It's all worth it!
What's even more hilarious are the people that actually think their prayers actually made a difference.
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