Tolerance to Alcohol
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07-03-2016, 02:14 PM
RE: Tolerance to Alcohol
(07-03-2016 12:21 PM)Hobbitgirl Wrote:  Just something fun to have from time to time. On the occasions when I have too much I then avoid it for a few months cause eww. But I've never "needed" it or anything.

My sperm donors side of the family is full of raging alcoholics, so thats always been in the back of my mind. Luckily it doesnt seem to have rubbed off.

Got a very similar background and behaviour myself. Thumbsup
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07-03-2016, 02:34 PM
RE: Tolerance to Alcohol
(15-02-2016 07:18 AM)Chas Wrote:  In their literature, they clearly state that if you doubt you are alcoholic then by all means go out and try controlled drinking. It is all about what the individual decides about his or her drinking.

Oh, I'm quite sure I'm an alcoholic. I am also quite sure that it can be controlled with a proper ManlyGirl barkeep. Who herself is a longtime sober alcoholic.

There is only one really serious philosophical question, and that is suicide. -Camus
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07-03-2016, 02:36 PM
RE: Tolerance to Alcohol
(12-02-2016 06:41 AM)onlinebiker Wrote:  But, for me to get drunk -- it takes a fair bit. I can easily drink a pint of whiskey, and most people wouldn't even notice that I'd had a drink. If I drink much more than that - I always just fall asleep.
In my Uni days I did, on occasion, binge.
We had tray days where we had to drink 24 cans of beer in a day, usually takes about 9 hours.

Many people couldn't do it.
I could do it quite easily.

I once drank a 1 litre bottle of whiskey and followed that up with two jugs (about 1 litre each) and didn't appear all that drunk.

Now days, I rarely drink. I'd doubt that I have a dozen stubbies of beer a year. And yes, just one stubbie of beer does make me feel sleepy.
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