Too much end times depression in east tn
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22-06-2015, 10:56 AM
RE: Too much end times depression in east tn
(22-06-2015 09:44 AM)Tonechaser77 Wrote:  The irony is that if enough people jump on the end times boat, they could actually trigger 'end times'-like events. I don't mean the rapture or any nonsense like that but we have seen the lack of caring, in say climate change, etc. Not claiming that correlation equals causation but pause should be taken to assess more carefully. Eschatology impacts your worldview, worldview impacts your behavior, and behavior determines the future.

The things people believe drive behavior in the here-and-now, and our behavior in the here-and-now has great bearing on future events.

For example:
If I choose to believe that I am unlovable, eventually I will assimilate to that core belief and start behaving in accordance with it– I will start behaving as someone who isn’t easy to love, and end up alienated in relationships. Or If I believe that a certain situation will never work out the way I would like, eventually I will start behaving as if the situation has already failed.

If xtians believe the world is getting progressively worse until the end comes, they will be a people who start behaving that way. If they start behaving that way, they will stop investing into long-term multi-generational ways to improve society. (Many already have subconsciously) If they stop investing into the future and capitulate to their own crappy theology, well…you get the drift.

Conclusion: *sigh* Stomp that shit out.

This is the kind of stuff that scares me the most, could end up with a self fulfilling prophecy situation.

“We can judge our progress by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers, our willingness to embrace what is true rather than what feels good.”
― Carl Sagan
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