Top 5 Greatest Problems and are they insoluble?
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06-10-2013, 01:37 AM
Top 5 Greatest Problems and are they insoluble?
I don't know all 5, and there may be more than 5 in the top 5 (e.g. I can name at least 15 movies in my top 10 favorite movies), but here are 2 I'm certain ARE in the top 5, and I don't know whether they are solvable, or even should be solved, but they sure cause a lot of hell:

1. Children Believe Their Parents.
They have to; that's what makes this problem so difficult. But I think if human society continues to devalue the importance of raw fertility as the prime qualifier for parenthood, and imposes other qualifiers ahead of sheer fertility in being permitted to be a parent, the problem loses some of its force. Already child welfare agencies remove children from abusive parents, and laws prevent certain types of abuse (such as forbidding prayer to substitute for medical care), so the precedents are there. But it's also obvious expansion of the child protection rubric will raise other problems, and some of these new problems could be worse than the first.

2. The Righteous Whiplash Curve.
We're all on this curve; it's as intrinsic a human characteristic as having thumbs. The X-axis is Depth of Understanding/Knowledge. The Y-Axis is Degree of Confidence of Rightness. The subject is anything and everything. The curve varies in steepness and extremity but is always the same shape: At X of zero (no knowledge/understanding at all) Y starts at about 50% certainty we're right. At X of rudimentary knowledge/understanding Y rapidly peaks at 100%. This is the place on the curve where we fly airliners into skyscrapers to prove a point. As X moves on toward genuine depth of knowledge/understanding Y falls off as we realize how much we still don't really know.
I think the answer to this problem is simple recognition it exists, and knowing our tendency to "know just enough to be dangerous" keeps us alert to an excess of zeal.

So that's my first splash into this pool. Thoughts?
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