Tornadoes, Atheism, and Those Crazy Theists
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20-06-2013, 01:05 PM
Tornadoes, Atheism, and Those Crazy Theists
Becoming (or scratch that-more like discovered) an atheist was an easy decision for me. I've always been a skeptic. With that the transition is still hard. And just about one month ago it was put to the test when my house was "taken" from me on May 20. Yes-I live in Moore, OK. I will probably age and die in Moore. And, naturally, whenever some town in Oklahoma gets hit by a tornado (which seems annually) people get together and rebuild. It's quite an experience when that person is me. The first thing I noticed was probably things that I hadn't really seen through atheist eyes before- the "GOD BLESS MOORE" and "PRAY FOR MOORE" BS. People talk like their god had nothing to do with it yet this deity can "overcome" the evil that attacked our city. A little contradictory? Things that never bothered me before drives me nuts! Second- what and why do people think a god has anything to do with recovery when it's the people that volunteer and donate etc. that make the difference. I consider me, my husband, and my kids lucky that we were not home at the time. We were able to salvage some things. We also had decent insurance. I'm not thanking a deity that told me to think to buy insurance to protect me from a force that he has the power to control and decided that it was the best interest of Moore to hit two schools and kill children, adults, and animals because he felt like it! It's just wrong.

And they say we're immoral.
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