Total Stations and GPS
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13-06-2014, 11:22 AM
Total Stations and GPS
I am currently going over the course reader for my field school. It consists of chapters from various technical books lumped together into a large PDF. The first section deals with the use of total stations and GPS to map an archaeological site. I am amazed at the amount of read errors that can occur just by turning the system on. This doesn't count errors from not having it centered over a datum, the system not being level on the tripod, the pole on the prism not being perfectly straight, or the temperature. Being hot and humid or cold and dry effects how accurate the laser is and how it is reflected back by the accompanying prism. When there is an error, there are complicated formulas that one have to use to correct for distortion. I'm a tad bit worried in this respect as math is not a strong suit of mine.

The professor leading the field school is sure to think I'm some special needs child who slipped through the cracks. But he might think me a savant when it comes to anatomy and behavior. I will be sure to write the forum a letter about my misadventures using crayons and wide-lined paper. You will finally know just how smart me are.
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