Tracking you chemically? Ethical?
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22-01-2013, 02:10 PM
Tracking you chemically? Ethical?
Okay so I found this article about how they've come up with a way to tell if mental patients are taking their medication through some tracking device. (Apparently that dissolves into the bloodstream)

Here is the article

Some are saying its a good idea, citing that caregiver here in Oregon who was stabbed to death by one of the people she supported when he chose to lower his dosage without their knowledge. (This hits me close to home because I'm in the same line of work and face the same risk every day)

While others are calling it unethical, and invasion of privacy, or equal to chemical castration of convicted rapists?

I'm just curious of other peoples views. Ethical or not?

The Out Crowd.
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Tracking you chemically? Ethical? - Hobbitgirl - 22-01-2013 02:10 PM
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