Trans women not 'real women'
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15-03-2017, 03:40 PM
RE: Trans women not 'real women'
(15-03-2017 03:37 PM)Emma Wrote:  
(15-03-2017 03:21 PM)GirlyMan Wrote:  I haven't followed her story much. Is it true that she felt that way her entire life even when she was like the best male athlete on the planet? (I still got a Wheaties box with the gold medal decathelete on it, wonder if it's worth anything?) Do most gender identity questions appear early on? Or is it possible for someone to not realize it until much later in life?

It's a common story both for trans people to know early in life or to not realize until later in life. Neither is more accurate a picture of "the transgender" story than the other, really. It is quite possible for some people to know know until later in life. It happens all the time.

(And I'll make it happen to you, too, if I can get close enough to sneeze on you! Evil_monster )


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16-03-2017, 11:53 AM
RE: Trans women not 'real women'
(15-03-2017 07:33 AM)jennybee Wrote:  Heart Alla Heart

Heart jennybee Heart Smile

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