Translation from a Seer Stone in a Hat
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11-09-2014, 02:33 PM
RE: Translation from a Seer Stone in a Hat
(11-09-2014 12:53 PM)Dark Phoenix Wrote:  I suspect this is an example of the church "shying away" from a truth that they believe will cause investigators to go no further. I suspect that they know how crazy it sounds, and have taken steps to soften it with lies and half truths. If someone gets as far as I have, they can point out the few times they have been transparent and say "What more do you want from us. We admitted to that already". All the while they will just continue to conveniently not teach it in Sunday School.

This is what I think. I, too, had never heard about the Seer Stones until after I deconverted and even then, at first I was all, "well that's bull." But I think the seer stones along with the fact that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young had multiple wives/women to sleep with and the fact that African Americans were denied the priesthood until, what was it, 1971?Anyways, I believe all these facts are being swept away by not teaching them because they do ruin their image. The church is very much like a business and it won't get more members and will keep loosing members if it brings all those hard facts to the forefront.

Then again, with the seer stones, why not give a more divine spin on it? I mean, this is the guy that found golden plates in New York and people believe that so why not teach that he was commanded to bless the stones or that Nephi/Moroni/somebody blessed the stones for him? Wouldn't that "make sense"?

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