Traveling Mercies... Really?
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14-06-2013, 01:11 AM
Traveling Mercies... Really?
Before getting to know my ex's family, I had never encountered the term "traveling mercies." Apparently it originated in the South and was intended to convey encouragement to a person about to make a tough or dangerous trip, and "Have a safe trip" just wouldn't cut the mustard. But these people take it to whole new level in their Facebook posts: First the paragraph wishing that Invisible Sky Daddy would take a little time out of his busy schedule to see so and so safely to their destination.
Then we get the paragraph of thanks to Invisible Sky Daddy that so and so made it safely.

Usually I'll do a mental face palm and wonder about all the other people who made similar trips and forgot to dial up daddy for his mercies. Or I wonder about the people who did ask for traveling mercies and never made it to their journey's end. Did they not ask loud enough or long enough? I'm tempted to reply to these traveling mercies posts with "We live in a chaotic universe (so the chain of events just happened to work out that way)."

But tonight I was pushed over the edge by a single sentence and had to sign up here to vent about it. "May the blood of Jesus cover you all thru out your trip."
Um thanks? The family is just moving to Texas, and not blasting off for Mars. Dramatic much? It's pretty funny that the thought of covering people in zombie blood is "normal," but taking the time to understand what makes up that blood (cells, etc) would be seen as odd.

May the breath of Zeus carry you as you slumber. Drinking Beverage
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