Treehuggers vs. Green Machine
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04-03-2017, 12:44 PM
RE: Treehuggers vs. Green Machine
(04-03-2017 04:10 AM)RocketSurgeon76 Wrote:  Then he's an idiot, or acting like one. Immediate, emergency action doesn't necessarily imply putting shovels in the dirt freakin' TONIGHT.

That seems to be his position.

"If you talk about beetle-infested trees or ocean levels rising 20 years from now, people say, 'Well, that's not really what I'm concerned about,'‚ÄČ" he says. "People say, 'What I'm concerned about is what is happening today.' When environmentalists say 'global warming,' they miss the main issue. The main issue right now is that 7 million people worldwide die every year because of pollution."

There is but one truly serious philosophical problem. - Camus
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04-03-2017, 02:17 PM (This post was last modified: 04-03-2017 02:21 PM by Airportkid.)
RE: Treehuggers vs. Green Machine
Interesting article. It gave me new respect for the Governator.

I think the issue of delay frustrating him is likely more nuanced: I'm sure some (or all) of the obstruction he encountered was to close down the project totally, not ameliorate its adverse effects. Had the obstructing factions advanced their concerns in terms of recognizing the project's broad intent, and worked with the Governor toward mutually derived ways and means of achieving it, I think the delay would have been significantly shorter and the Governor less exasperated. Had he been told by the factions united themselves in what constituted the most important concerns, and that they expected the delay to run a year or two to do studies and continue negotiating to a satisfactory end, he probably would have welcomed the spirit of cooperation even if it meant the shovels wouldn't get up steam that very afternoon.

I could be wrong, of course; strong personality always puts deep boot prints in the road of progress that do their own damage, but I didn't get a sense from the article that the Governor was an unreasoning dick with only two functional neurons (that weren't speaking to each other, unlike a certain DC resident at this time).

So I think you're both right, Girly & Surgeon, and your perspectives on the article brought me to my perspective above. That leaves all three of us still wrong, but maybe less wrong overall.
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