Truck Rams Australian Christian Lobby Building
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26-12-2016, 01:42 PM
RE: Truck Rams Australian Christian Lobby Building
Unfortunately, the Australian police have a habit of saying exactly this after every similar attack here...

Quote:The police later said in a statement they had established the actions of the 35-year-old male driver "were not politically, religiously or ideologically motivated".

This is a part of our "nanny state" government law enforcement procedures designed to keep us plebs dumbed-down and complacent—and more malleable for our government. Any Aussie who seriously believes this incident was purely accidental and not planned needs a brain transplant.

That a truck loaded with LNG bottles travelling at only 50km/h just happens to "accidentally" run squarely into the only religion-based building on the block, in the middle of the night in some backstreet exceeds the limits of belief.

I also note that in the five days since this incident, there has been zero followup by the police made public. And our media have obviously been ordered by the AFP not to publish anything further about it—hoping it'll just be forgotten, dead and buried in a couple of weeks. It's also painfully obvious that this bloke's personal details have not been released—why not? A name, his ethnicity, his religion, his current nationality etc. Why this bizarre anonymity for a criminal activist?

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26-12-2016, 02:05 PM
RE: Truck Rams Australian Christian Lobby Building
Well, sure. If the Aussie government admitted a terrorist had acted out to any degree of success, even causing terror in the free community without taking any life but their own, it would sound to the world that heard that news that terrorists are active in a country that enjoys regular tourist seasons and monies.

That's not going to happen.
There are terrorists acting out in Australia!
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