Twitter & The Walking Dead
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02-05-2014, 06:41 AM
Information Twitter & The Walking Dead
I go to Twitter quite a bit to find out what the latest free-thought, atheist, humanist, etc. things are going on in the world. And yes, occasionally enter into an uninvited back-n-forth with a believer after they tweet something that makes me facepalm Facepalm so hard, I hurt myself.

Believers simply do not understand that we do not believe. We can try to draw the parallel with leprechauns, fairies, orbiting teapots, or anything else they most definitely do not believe but they always come back with the same. "That's just silly, everyone knows leprechauns don't exist. You're just mad at God bc he does exist and you just like your sin and yourself more than Him!" (followed by some bible reference)Frusty

After a tweet this morning with a lady who is trying her darndest to convince me of "the truth," I realized what this is JUST like.... The Walking Dead!

If you don't watch the show, here it is in a few sentences. Zombies do not think. They're dead bodies whose brains have been taken over by a virus that uses the brain's leftovers to "steer" the body in search of live animals (preferably human). The only way to stop them is to puncture their head... the brain leftover with viruses, and it's instant. Because they don't think, they do not fear and they're not able to put 2 & 2 together. They don't learn that guns or anything else can hurt them. They just keep coming at you.

Going back to the twitterverse, believers are like zombies. They don't stop to analyze ANYTHING you give them. They just plow forward with the virus (a.k.a. "Word of God") with no regard to anything that's being said. Their minds are made up.

So why go to twitter and torture myself with such ignorance??? Well, I was once a believer. It was short-lived (thank Leprechauns!) but I was in fact infected by that virus for a few years. Thanks toWorship Slaves Seth Andrews, Matt Dilahunty, John W. Loftus, and so many other former believers, I do have hope that more and more religious folk may defeat their religion's immune system that prevents them from doubting and take that peak over the edge and around the corner.

Zombies are fake, the religion virus is real.

Peace out!
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02-05-2014, 08:03 PM
RE: Twitter & The Walking Dead
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Welcome here is your welcome seal.

P.S the walking dead is bad so it is no surprise such a thing would be similar.

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