Two Guys and Some Goo.
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14-09-2014, 08:51 PM
Two Guys and Some Goo.
Two men camping in the woods. One slips on a big swath of some organic goo on some rocks overlooking a creek, falls, and hurts his leg. They wonder where/what the goo is from, and how/why it was there.


Man #1: "Do you know what this is and/or how it got here?"

Man #2: "No, I can't tell. I'm looking around, and checking for clues, but nothing yet.

Man #1: "I know how it got here. A giant slug the size of my car must live around here, and made that trail"

Man #2: "That's highly unlikely..."

Man #1: "Do you know what this is, and/or how it got here?"

Man #2: "I told you before - I'm looking around for clues, but no, nothing yet"

Man #1: "Then you don't know it wasn't a giant slug - and that's what I want to believe it was - and you can't prove it wasn't, so why don't you just leave me to my beliefs, why don't you? How bout that?"

Man #2: "What?...You don't think it could be something like water levels that could rise to here at certain times combined with the amount of sunlight or something...I mean, I don't know - I'm not a scientist, so I can't tell for sure, and I don't see anything I recognize that could have caused it but...really? A giant slug - this size of my car?"

Man #1: "Yup."

Man #2: "Ermagerd..."


Man #1: "So...what's your problem? Why do you apparently want me to stop believing what I believe, just because you don't agree - especially when you're not providing me with any proof to/of the alternative?"

Man #2: "O..k... Well...I don't know where to begin... Aside from the first two most obvious points, of the hundred other more likely explanations, and the fact that we shouldn't have to wait until something is finally proven or disproven to call 'bullshit' on something - Let's start with:

- a giant slug would seem like something worthy to report, and I'm sure it should be.
- once it's reported, that's some time and money on paperwork, and...
- shouldn't it be investigated? let's get some inspectors out here to look for this giant slug!
- what about safety...shouldn't people be warned about the giant slug?
- what about environment and habitat...should this slug be protected, even if we can't find it?
- and what about all the assumptions that can get started (loch ness, etc) and waste time, etc, when no one can ever find it and debunk ANY of the spins?
- all the time spent with you telling others the story, them listening, them telling others, those listening, etc..
- should the walkpath be moved to go far around the slug sighting?
- etc, etc... all the time, effort, and resources wasted on something ridiculous that could have been so used for so many other better purposes...

I figure I should be able to say something if the military starts going on a hunt for a magic easter egg, even if I can't prove there's not one, Bob...and I don't think I need to be a scientist that does - or is even able to - prove anything, to do so. Further - I don't think it has to actually impact me, for me to disagree with it, Bob. That'd be rather sociopathic/ignorant of me wouldn't - to see bad things, waste, ignorance, etc - and just be like 'who cares', right?"

Man #1: "Shut up Frank! Leave me alone, and quit acting like a know-it-all. I love invertebrates - and I want to believe it was a giant slug! And for now - I'm saying it WAS a giant slug, so if you keep up - this is just me letting you know that you're calling me a liar or stupid, and I'm going to start taking offense..."

Man #2: "Hey Bob - no big deal man, I'll back off. Hey Bob...look down there - what in the world is that?"

Man #1: "What? Where?"

Man #2: *Shove*. "Ah, more air for the rest of us. ...Anyhoo...I'll have to remember to come back up here some time and get some samples of this and figure out what it really is..."
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14-09-2014, 09:18 PM
RE: Two Guys and Some Goo.
Thread closed because there is another with the exact same subject.

Op please don't post the same post multiple times it is spam.

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