Two Points to Ponder re: Trump
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02-03-2016, 02:24 AM
Two Points to Ponder re: Trump
The man has gotten more media exposure than his rivals by a whole order of magnitude without letup for half a year - is there some way to gauge what proportion of his voters are solely the product of that glaring spotlight? My guess is that had his media exposure been on par with the rest of the field he'd either be inconsequential or at best even. That is to say, some (most of) his admirers are infatuated with nothing but sheer repetition (one has only to listen to the Myna Bird responses parroted when supporters are asked what they see in Trump to discover there's no "there" there).

His search rankings on Google have also been an order of magnitude greater than for his rivals for half a year - which fact has been touted as evidence of popularity. But I'm not so sure. How much of that search traffic is people looking (desperately perhaps) for reassurance that his popularity is (like the man) not what it seems? Could be most of that searching is for signs of sanity, not boosterism.

Fivethirtyeight hasn't been any help at all on these two points, and they've got the best yardsticks and micrometers for measuring exactly these kinds of things. But they're doing a terrific job nonetheless - their delegate track is a superb piece of work.
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