U.S. Army: Just serving our country
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24-08-2012, 02:43 PM
RE: U.S. Army: Just serving our country
(24-08-2012 10:20 AM)Luminon Wrote:  
(20-08-2012 03:36 PM)tnt4philly Wrote:  WOW, SH was responsible for killing many more of his own people than the war ever has. Aside from the middle class that he kept us as a buffer in some of the bigger cities, that country was shit hole and people were starving to death on a daily basis. Very few were getting any education....I could go on how fucked up that country was and how horrible the future was for the average Iraqi. I am not sure I ever met a SH apologist before. You can make a good argument that we should have never went into Iraq, but to paint SH as anything less than the evil tyrant he was is…….I don’t even know what to call it. And seriously, we made him think he had a chance of taking Kuwait? How the hell do you sleep with those boogie men sleeping under your bed?
I'm not a SH apologist, just so far I had been under impression that there was some semblance of order and infrastructure in Iraq before the invasion and that now it's bombed 50 years back in development. If you say the facts are different, show me some please.

Another thing worth investigating is Libya. Some people say that before the fall of Kaddafi Libya was some sort of African super-welfare state. Articles described free housing for citizens and money they received from the government as a welfare, newlywed gift, student dotations and so on. Reputedly, there were no poor immigrant workers from Libya.
Instead, my country had good relations with Libya during communism, producing little Korans for them, plus airplanes and sending pilots there.
Of course, the revolution brought this all to ashes, making conspiracy theorists wonder if someone wanted the fall of this regime. The same theorists wondering why the Internet cable to all Egypt led through American embassy in Cairo.
What do you think, are such rumors a new tactics of anti-American conspiracy theorists?

(20-08-2012 07:22 PM)Buddy Christ Wrote:  Actually, I had heard that too. Don't know what the source was or of its credibility, but I had read somewhere once that the US actually secretly gave him the green light to invade Kuwait, and then publicly opposed his actions and responded with our military.
Another conspiracy theory, I had read in independent press that Saddam had been accidentally killed during the first days of the invasion. The man later caught near Tikrit in a hole was one of his doubles.
At first nobody believed this excuse and then someone, CIA perhaps, decided to be very persuasive and brainwash him into thinking that he is the real SH. (all it needed was just a lot of sleep deprivation torture) And so the people got their boogey man and everyone was happy.

Similarly, the same source says that Osama bin Laden wasn't himself lately either. Some older news item said that he had kidney problems. The real problem is, in a villa where he was eventually killed nobody found any dialysis machines. A true ObL with failing kidneys would not be able to survive in that house. Instead it was his younger brother who took his place. The true Osama died peacefully in 2006.
Which is possibly one of reasons why U.S. soldiers dumped his body into the sea, that the true identity doesn't get examined. There was a DNA test, but they only proved he belonged among the bin Laden siblings, not that it was really Osama.

Anti-American comspiracy theories are nothing new. We did a pretty good job on damaging Iraq's infrastructure during the Gulf War and SH did not do much to fix things after that. I recall that we took a ton of blame during the sanctions because SH was letting the country run to shit and kids countles numbers of kids were starving to death every day. And then there was the 12 months that I spent in Iraq and saw the shit hole first hand. Some of the damage was from us, but most of the crap I saw was well outside areas that we bombed and there was not much of anything modern outside of the major cities. The majority of the Iraqi citizens we saw were happy to see us, even the ones in Ramadi started to come aroud before we left. Like I said, I could buy arguments about whether or not we shoudl have went in when we did, but SH was an insane asshole, his sons were even worse, and the world and the peopel of Iraq are better off without him.
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