U.S to cut government polluting
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21-03-2015, 06:51 PM
RE: U.S to cut government polluting
(21-03-2015 06:46 PM)earmuffs Wrote:  
(21-03-2015 07:15 AM)Metazoa Zeke Wrote:  America doesn't have a culture or at least a main one, it is a bunch of cultures in one area. If it did have a culture it would be jesus and fast food.

It's too big of a place to say "this is American culture". LA is vastly different from NY which in turn is vastly different from Dallas which in turn is vastly different from Hawaii etc..

The United States is a country that is more like a collection of smaller countries.
The issue being that when America was being colonized it was being colonized by English, French and Spanish. Unlike say Germany which when it formed the small states that formed into Germany were all of German culture.

And yet if you try to tell a Bavarian he's the same as a Prussian you're going to have a disagreement on your hands.
(notwithstanding that Prussia proper is now divided between Russia and Poland; that's what losing wars does for you)

There are "national" elements to any given culture insofar as there are inextricable realities of coexisting within the same political framework. The cultural diversity within the United States, while noteworthy, and indeed greater than many more homogeneous nation-states, nonetheless in large part stems from a common strain uniting the atlantic seaboard colonies dating back at least two hundred years.

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