UFO Disclosure
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16-07-2016, 01:51 PM
RE: UFO Disclosure
So, let's each tell our own stories about what we have seen. There aren't very many people who haven't seen something they cannot explain.
I have 3 stories myself. I'll start with one of them and if others wish to continue I'll jump back in with the others.
I was sitting on the beach in Hollywood Florida and saw in the sky an airplane, it looked big, but was headed in the direction where it should bass in front of the full moon and I could get a better look, but when it got to the sector of the sky where the moon was it appeared to go behind the moon, It was long enuff that it stuck out on both sides of the moon if what I saw was real. I have never bothered to look it up to see how long it wold have to be to be longer hat the moon's diameter, but a few thousand miles long at least, right? What did I see? I don't know, but at least I didn't see big eyed people beaming me up.
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16-07-2016, 04:50 PM
RE: UFO Disclosure
I live near Belleville, Ill., where the first "Flying Triangle" UFO was reported.

Recently I had the job of picking up my wife from work at 1:30 AM every work night. (She broke her leg at work and couldn't drive.) My route to the facility takes me right under the flight pattern for Lambert Field. One clear, moonless night I saw a triangle of lights that appeared to be hovering over St. Louis. I was pretty sure I knew what was going on so I pulled over to verify. Yep, an airplane was coming straight at me, and the nose and wing lights made a perfect triangle from my view point. For serveral seconds they just "hovered", and then the plane swooped over head and into Lambert.

Now, I could:

1. Report the full facts.
2. Panic and run away, reporting the partial facts later on.
3. Report only that part of the event that fitted into the UFO paradigm.
4. Some damn fool thing some idiot would think up.

I stuck with #1 because it's simpler, telling the truth means there's less to remember.
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