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13-10-2010, 02:10 PM (This post was last modified: 10-04-2012 12:31 PM by lucradis.)
Old Forum Rules
The Thinking Atheist Forum is self moderated. That is to say that we do not moderate posts and discussions as a general rule since we believe in free speech. We welcome controversy and debate. We have a small team that helps keep things organized, and keeps the site spam free. There are, however, a few rules I ask that you follow to make our job easier. (Remember that being a team member of this forum is strictly voluntary, so your help is not only appreciated, but expected).

#1 New members must have their first post approved by a team member. I just want to assure you that this is NOT a way of us weeding out "undesirables". It is just to help us spot bots and spam before it makes it onto the boards. If you are a real person, you will be approved, no matter what your beliefs, attitude, or whatever. To have your account approved, post ONCE in the introduction forum. You WILL NOT see your post, since it won't show up until a staff member approves it. Posting multiple times before your account is approved is a great way to piss off staff. Don't do it. It creates more work for us. Just be patient, and once your account is approved you can post all you like.

#2 EVERYONE is welcome to post on this forum. That includes atheists, agnostics, theists, martians, or whatever else you call yourself. Just because we have "atheist" in the name of the website, doesn't mean the forum is exclusive to atheists.

#3 SPAM of any kind WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. No three strikes. If you SPAM the forums, your account will be permanently deleted.

Should you need assistance, or have an issue you would like to discuss, you can message myself, or one of the moderators. Alternatively, you can post a message in The Forum Management Team section where your posts can ONLY be viewed by you and the team (Admin, Moderators and Veteran Users). This will help you in cases where discussion is warranted, but you prefer the discussion to remain private. Please feel free to use the suggestions section if you have any ideas on how to improve this forum. We'll do our best to accomidate. Remember, it's OUR forum. Lets make it work for US.

Forum Administrator.

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