US school system hysterical reactions
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31-01-2013, 02:51 PM
RE: US school system hysterical reactions
Nation of pussy's sad to say. We are so PC fucking fear mongering bend over backwards it's fucking crazy. I read yahoo news sometimes and if anyone says anything about any minority group it's like wait 5 minutes for the apology. Bam apology, and if they don't they will be repremanded or fired. What happened to freedom speech? I personally dont have a problem with gays, but why cant someone say I dont like gays? Its there choice or any group for that matter. If you were to say the majority of violent crimes are caused by blacks people cry racism. Even though it is just the facts. Or if you said religious people tend to be less educated people would cry over that. If you cant speek the truth without being insulted or called a name we are a nation in sad shape indeed. Sorry this kind of crap is irritating Im done now.
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