USSC Gives Westboro Victory @ Gay Funerals!
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04-03-2011, 08:32 PM
RE: USSC Gives Westboro Victory @ Gay Funerals!
You may be 100% correct about AA, I have no idea. I was not aware they were an ongoing protest group. The only thing I know about the Angels is that what a small group of people did in Laramie, WY when Phelps came to spew his garbage and that in Tuscon some college students decided to follow the same tact based on what the group did in the movie/play and that they were independent of any other group. If this is a movement that follows the Phelps' around, then good for them. If the original group continued on with their original idea, then that's great.

I need to research this because if this is an ongoing group I may send them some cash to help out, maybe see if they show up at all in my area and see if I can do something to help. I absolutely believe in Phelps' right to show what a douchebag he is but that does not mean I can't also exercise my rights to counter him and his disgusting message.

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