Uncomfortable moments caused by religion...
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16-11-2011, 03:44 PM
RE: Uncomfortable moments caused by religion...
There's pounding on my door. It's a girl; I let her in. Her boyfriend was right there, I knew the girl; she obviously decided to bring her domestic disturbance over to my crib. No big. Clear off a chair for her to have a sit. Talk to the boyfriend through the screen in the kitchen. Told him, I don't wanna hear it, it's cool down time.

So I come back over here, make a coupla more posts. She's a user, she's in the back room; he's in the front yard screaming at her through my window. This goes on for a bit; I don't really know the guy, so we ain't got a lotta common ground.

He's yelling to her about having called the cops. She just wants him to go away. I go over and socialize through the screen, telling him that giving my address to the police is getting me involved. There is a moment of chill, I come back to the forum. Then he's starts screaming cause she won't answer him; starting to talk crazy talk like he's gonna bust through my window. I go back out there and inform him that getting through the window just means falling into the garbage disposal. Because we're guys, there's some back-and-forth chest beating.

After I talked him down from that ledge, come to find out he believes that she owes him ten bucks. I'm like, that's it? So I go outside and give him ten bucks. Guy musta thought he was owed a dime bag, cause that problem actually went away by throwing money at it.

He leaves; the girl uses the phone, she's going to work in a different direction. He said it was all smack talk about the cops, anyway. While she's waiting to go to work, we fish through all this crap I gotta get rid of, on account of moving. Found me a sweater and a jacket I didn't know I had.

There's pounding on my door. I'm not dressed for company, so I go to the kitchen window. It's the cops. Somebody called. I tell 'em this girl brought her domestic over here, but it's all over now. Thanks for dropping by, sorry to disturb ya.

The moral of the story is zero-state. This atheist maintained critical thinking at all times. My "religion" is love; why the door gets opened to the girl, why the guy gets ten bucks, it's just love. The neighbors "religion" is domestic tranquility, as evidenced by the boy and girl in blue.

I wasn't uncomfortable the whole time 'cause I stashed my shit when the guy started talking about the law; I wasn't uncomfortable without my stash just now cause I can take it or leave it. But, you know; critical thinking deserves a re-ward. Big Grin

living word
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16-11-2011, 03:50 PM
RE: Uncomfortable moments caused by religion...
Oh boy -- am I ever happy for the bubble I have lived in all my life?

Shit like Cantor' post make you feel really humble. Sad
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