Understanding Conservapedia
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26-04-2012, 07:22 AM (This post was last modified: 26-04-2012 07:25 AM by reverendjeremiah.)
Understanding Conservapedia
To understand conservapedia, one must understand the right wing tendency of projection
Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.[1]
Now we swing over to a page called "Liberal denial" - http://www.conservapedia.com/Liberal_denial with my opinions in italics
Liberal denial is the tendency of liberals to conceal, deny or censor the truth for ideological reasons. A list of the top common instances of liberal denial are the following:
  1. Liberals deny that human intelligence inevitably and demonstrably declines from generation to generation, and that if there were another 100 generations into the future the people would not be able to understand simple concepts. We conservatives fight against any kind of education and try desperately to blame the consequences of it on our enemies
  2. Liberals deny the very real existence of fetal pain during abortion. those liberals are responsible for how bad I feel for taking our daughter to the abortion clinic because she was knocked up by a black man
  3. Liberals deny the very real existence of Hell. Jesus talked about Hell more than Heaven.I have doubts about Jesus and hell really scares me
  4. Liberals deny how they censor the Bible from their daily activities, and encourage the censorship for others too.I dont like it when the bible goes against my personal views, therefore I am going to re-write the bible
  5. Liberals deny that Fidel Castro, who has not been seen in public since his intestinal surgery 3.5 years ago, is likely to be deceased. anything even closely resembling left wing should be shown as a failure because right wing thought is cruel and greedy
  6. Liberals deny the Nobel Prize is an award given by liberals to other liberals, and sometimes even granted in an awkward manner designed to punish a critic of liberal falsehoods.[1] I am ashamed that right wingers rarely do anything for the good of humanity and instead only do things for themselves
  7. Liberals deny how they deify government officials, similar to how communists deified Stalin and Lenin and still deify Castro.[2] I worship Ronald reagan
  8. Liberals deny how fellow travelers engage in deceit, or at least refuse to admit it. I lie about almost everything
  9. Liberals deny they are liberal, and that most of the media are liberal.I know that the media is only as liberal as the coorporations who own them
  10. Liberals deny that Hollywood values, professor values and general liberal values have consequences for those who believe in them, and also for innocent victims.I want my values promoted as fact by the media and education institutes
  11. Liberals deny that they have censored prayer in public school.[3] I want to censor all prayer that i do not approve of
  12. Liberals deny that a woman significantly reduces her risk of breast cancer by having children rather than abortions. I want to scare people into doing what i want them to do
  13. Liberals deny that about half of promiscuous people carry sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and those STDs cause infertility[4] I am on my 4th marriage because I am a greedy asshole who cant control my sexual urges
  14. Liberals deny that the strident promoters of evolution generally have weaker credentials than advocates of intelligent design[5] I wish my beliefs were widely accepted as scientific fact...fuck the evidence...they make me feel better about myself
  15. Liberals deny that College faculties at nearly every American school are completely dominated by liberals, and have virtually no conservatives I want all schools to be completely dominated by my will
  16. Liberals deny that Homosexuality shortens lifespan for a wide variety of reasons Sometimes I look at men and get sexually aroused... this causes me great anxiety
  17. Liberals deny that reducing the number of guns, which are primarily defensive weapons, results in an increase in crime. I like reading articles about blacks and minorities killing themselves after they have been fucked over
  18. Liberals deny that the war in Iraq was needed and also deny that the surge has worked. I know Bush lied to get into Iraq, but I love that sand negroes are being slaughtered
  19. Liberals deny that Hitler and the Nazi party were in fact Liberals (anti-Semitism is a well-documented characteristic of Liberal Christianity as is the PETA-like Green wing of the Third Reich[6]) I like a lot of things hitler did, but he is unpopular right now

More generally, liberals also deny:
  1. That Obama ran the dirtiest campaign since Lyndon Johnson Bush had his friends in the supreme court elect him and I have to draw attention from it
  2. That more than 80% of child molesters are pornography addicts I love porn and women are sex objects
  3. That people like young mass murderers who take atheistic beliefs to their logical conclusions are not "crazy" or "insane", but are true believers. Most christians believe because they cannot control themselves and need to be terrified to be moral
  4. That young mass murderers fit the profile of public school-trained atheism I want schools to train children to be soldiers for christ
  5. That the intellectual justification for Hitler's attempt to build a master Aryan race was the theory of evolution white people are better than others, but Hitler is unpopular these days
  6. That feminists censor discussion about differences between men and women, and boys and girls. I like to censor facts about sex and women. Women should be servants of men
  7. That Lawrence Summers was fired as President of Harvard for making a politically incorrect suggestion about women and math aptitude ???
  8. That state run health care has lead to Islamic terrorism in Britain, and would do so in the US. [7] I dont want my money going to help those negroes and other minorities. they should all die off
  9. That obesity is a bigger problem than hunger in the Western world I only care about vanity, not wether people have food. We should profit from their problems
  10. That a school having virtually no conservative teachers and many atheists and liberals is a liberal school I want all atheists banned from teaching and only Christians I approve of teaching in schools
  11. That liberals attempt to intimidate and ostracize conservatives, particularly in school environments and some occupations.[8] I liove intimidation and ostracizing people to get my way
  12. That liberals support taxpayer-funded abortion I want tax payer funds for every belief I have
  13. That girls and women in sports have debilitating ACL knee injuries at 3-4 times the rate of men,[9] and are vulnerable to other injuries[10] I feel bad that a woman is more athletic than I am. It makes me feel like less of a man.
  14. That the numerous premature deaths of Hollywood stars are the result of Hollywood values[11] I wish I could be a hollywood star and live the careless life they do
  15. That homeschoolers often do better than those who attend public school I went to college but I hate all of this competition. If more people were stupid I could be mega rich and in control of their lives
  16. That culture affects politics, and people's views and lifestyles I want my culture to control the politics and other peoples lives
  17. That successful democracy, both historically and logically, is the result of Protestant Christianity[12] I want a theocracy, and it will not happen if we have democracy
  18. That Ronald Reagan's public exhortation, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall," helped cause the nearly 30-year-old Berlin Wall later be torn down I worship Ronald Reagan. His words can tear down walls like God of the bible
  19. That gun control increases crime I want minorities and poor people to terrorize each other while I rob them blind
  20. That reducing tax rates stimulates the economy I deserve corporate welfare and to benefit from protection paid for by those I oppress
  21. That choosing abortion over childbirth increases the risk of breast cancer Words like cancer frighten me. You obviously must get sick if you do something I dont agree with
  22. That the mainstream media is biased I want the mainstream media to present all of my views as fact
  23. That privately-run transport is more efficient than government-run transport I want the govt to give me control over their transportation system so I can become filthy rich
  24. That universal health care is inferior medical care I deserve healthcare, but anyone who opposes my wishes deserves to rot away in pain until they switch their views to following mine
  25. That unions interfere with employment opportunities I dont want my employers to rise up against me when I fuck them real good. dont they know I am better than them?
  26. That liberal leaders engage in shocking wrongdoing, hypocrisy, and abuse of power[13] If i was in charge I would fuck everyone. I really envy those with power
  27. That ideas do matter, and can cause great harm, including liberal falsehoods Ideas other than mine should be supressed
  28. That Islamic extremism is a threat to the Western civilization[14] I dont like competition to my personal beliefs
  29. That banning same-sex marriage is analogous to banning polygamy I would love to have as many sexual partners as possible, but they will not let me
  30. That aggressive interrogation is often the only way to obtain answers from terrorists I want to torture people who do not agree with me
  31. That the liberal ideology is pushed on unsuspecting others, particularly youngsters I want my ideals pushed upon everyone, especially the youth
  32. That free trade strengthens global democracies I want corporate welfare
  33. That a child in a mother's womb has rights established by the Constitution I hate the constitution for everyone accept myself. I deserve rights. everyone else deserves to do as I say
  34. That a vote for (yea) or a vote against (nea) is an absolute position Sometimes I get confussed, or sometimes I want to vote "yes" but really mean "no" because the public is watching
  35. That you can be held accountable for the statements uttered I like to blame others for my faults and deceit
  36. That climate forecasts 50 years from now are as inaccurate as 15 days from now things like the weather frighten me. I demand they stay constant and predictable
  37. That politicians that proclaim 'Change' actually do not break with policies of the past Its not real change unless I agree with it
  38. That removing Saddam Hussein from power was a good thing. We had no justification to invade Iraq, but I love seeing sand negroes get killed
  39. That eating meat and dairy is important for physical and mental health.If i were a vegan I would say the opposite
  40. That marijuana use has lasting psychological effects. Only I deserve to feel good. Everyone else should feel like shit unless they do what I tell them
  41. That illegal immigrants contribute to crime and poverty in the towns and cities they occupy. I hate the idea of treating minorities like anything other than slaves
  42. That English will cease being the language of the United States in 20 years unless it is protected as the official language (and that this would be a loss if it happened). Other languages frighten and confuse me. they should be banned and censored
  43. That President Bush didn't cause Hurricane Katrina. I wish i could make a tornado destroy the negro neighborhoods
  44. That President Clinton was responsible for Rwanda inaction. I deserve to be president
  45. That the Democratic party discriminates against African-Americans. I hate that a major political party actually fights for the rights of those negroes. they deserve to be set at each others throats
  46. That restricting free speech by the Fairness Doctrine is actually not fair nor democratic. Only speech I agree with should be allowed
  47. That we can drill oil our way out of high gas prices. I dont know how the global oil market works. I just want my stocks to rise
  48. That we can't replace our dependence on oil with green technologies, when in fact we need both oil and green technologies to solve our energy crisis. Its hard to own stock in green companies, and all of my money is in oil stock
  49. That opposing same-sex marriage is justified and point to decriminalized interracial marriage bans as proof. some of these gays are cute, and it frightens me
  50. That they are intolerant of opposing viewpoints and then try to stifle further discussion. I am intolerant and enjoy stifling discussion
  51. That socialism and liberalism have the same political agenda. I love socialism for the rich...i deserve that socialism
  52. That God should have a place in government My views should be considered god of the government
  53. That modern drilling methods result in minimal environmental impact, even if they were implemented in uninhabited lands such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge more oil will make my stock profits rise
  54. That companies like Exxon should pay billions of dollars in damages to the general public, in addition to the money they spend to clean up industrial accidents and to recompense those directly affected i dont have stock in Exxon
  55. That selective logging keeps forests healthier by reducing the risk of wildfire fuck nature...I want to get paid!
  56. That high food prices are not caused by ethanol production, but rather by the million acres of crop- and pastureland that have been taken out of production in the interest of wildlife conservation. Fuck nature...I want to get paid!
  57. That the life of a human is more important than the life of an animal or plant. Fuck nature...I want to get paid!
  58. That modern technology can make coal clean. He is actually right about that
  59. That a fence is the most effective and ultimately, the most peaceful way to protect our large border from illegal immigrants trying to get in When communists do it, they are dictators. When i do it i am a savior
  60. That socially dangerous people exhibit a well-documented pattern of reading habits I cant read very well
  61. That heavy metal music is generally anti-Christian and promotes themes such as drugs, sex and Satan worship. I am jealous of successfuly musicians
  62. The existence of God and Jesus, our Lord and Savior. ...as the way I present him to the masses
  63. That they make sweeping generalizations about Conservatives. I love to make sweeping generalizations
  64. That Wikipedia has a systematic bias. conservapedia is heavily biased

"Praise Sweet Baby Jesus!" - RevJ. Cool

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26-04-2012, 11:35 AM
RE: Understanding Conservapedia
Wow Rev, that's quite the expose of our conservative counterparts. Smile

It was just a fucking apple man, we're sorry okay? Please stop the madness Laugh out load
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04-05-2012, 08:32 AM
RE: Understanding Conservapedia
Very true, my friend. The conservative movement in this country is completely delusional.


"We were conservative Jews and that meant we obeyed God's Commandments until His rules became a royal pain in the ass."

- Joel Chastnoff, The 188th Crybaby Brigade
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