Understanding "strength trough faith"
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30-04-2011, 04:35 PM
Understanding "strength trough faith"
When discussing my theistic mom we mostly end up where she says "You may be right boy, but I always drew a lot of strength out of my faith." At this point I usually stop. Not only do I think I should not take that strength from her, I'm not really sure what kind of strength that may be or how that might work. I just don't have the hearth to tell a 70 year old woman I love that it's stupid to draw strength from imaginary friends.

Rewind August 2009.
In a mood of macho masochism I wrote myself up for the dodentocht (DeathMansHike). A walking event where the goal is to walk 100KM (63miles) in under 24 hours. See it as a challenge against yourself. Everyone can walk. But only the ones with the correct character get to the finish. The price at the end is a replica medal, a pineapple and respect of those who failed.
It worked pretty smooth for me until KM70. by that time, every step you make makes your feet HURT like if some sadist has put your feet into a vice, I had not seen any familiar face for the last 10 hours and my moral was about as high as the IQ of George W. I was this far from giving up. The next checkpoint/exit was at 80Km. upon arrival at that point. My wife was there and with her, my mother and father for support. My wife treated my feet and my father said he would walk along the next 15Km. That was the moral boost I needed. I made the finish after a non stop hike of 21H.

Back to a few weeks ago.
After watching some of 3vid3nces video's it became the dinner-table talk and my wife and I where discussing the "drawing strength from faith" issue. I said "How can my mom be so cruel for herself. She "draws strength from faith" while in reality, all that strength is really inside herself but she gives credit to some imaginary concept. All this strength is HERS. She IS that strong"
My wife said:
"Remember the dodentocht? You finished it however you where about to give up. It was only after your father walked along that you where able to continue. What was the difference? Your feet where still hurting, and YOU where still one who walked every single KM. Yet somehow it made a difference that someone walked along."

So that "drawing strength out of faith" thing fell into place for me.

Important life lessons where learned at dodentocht:
You have no idea how a smiling face of a loved one can boost you up until you experience it.
You can do things you would not think you could if you get some support.
Moral support often suffices.

(It took the blisters 3 weeks to heal. Never! Ever! Again!)


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