Unlawful Killing of Princess Diana
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13-12-2012, 09:01 AM
Unlawful Killing of Princess Diana
I wonder how many people roll their eyes at the title of this thread? Rolleyes

I have been after this documentary for a very long time, I have just finished watching it.

Part 1 (30 mins)


Part 2 (30 mins)


Part 3 (20 mins)


To quickly sum up the video it basicly follows the enquiry of Dianas death and how the Jury came to the conclusion that she died unlawfully.

It includes...

How all of the road cameras that led to the tunnel were not switched on.
Medical experts damning the autopsy and blood tests.
Proof of how notable people in UK society lied in the enquiry.
The biased reporting of the media, leaving out essential facts.

And shit loads more.

Id welcome any logical and rational person to watch the documentary, please feel free to rip the documentary apart please.

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