Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door
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13-05-2012, 08:14 PM
Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door
This ran on CNN about a year ago. What is really noteworthy here is about the sheer ignorance of fundamentalists in the southeastern United States. They know so little about their own religion much less about Islam and cannot tell the difference between a Muslim and a terrorist - or think they are one in the same. Also apparent is their myopic application of the First Amendment only to themselves; after all, they have the 'truth' and everyone else just has a religion.

Watch the Full Program


"We were conservative Jews and that meant we obeyed God's Commandments until His rules became a royal pain in the ass."

- Joel Chastnoff, The 188th Crybaby Brigade
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14-05-2012, 12:03 AM
RE: Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door
Unfortunately I can't watch it all right now but it isn't surprising. When you're taught that your religion is superior in all sense of the word then hostility towards others becomes more likely. Then you look for things that make that religion seem even worse than it actually is. I do think religious education is necessary and this sort of shows why. If it can't be in all at least stop focussing everything on Christianity lol

What I also found interesting was that in the comments some people were blaming Americans of generalising when they were doing the same about Americans Tongue

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