VERY Close calls!
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16-11-2011, 03:00 AM
RE: VERY Close calls!
Well, just to be on the same page, they did not go to jail, just to the police station, did an hour of paperwork and then they let them go. To go to jail, you need to pass (or fail) in court, and that happens a few months after the police catches you. First, the police takes you in, they write a report and confiscate what they find, then they let you go and send their report to the judge so a few months later you receive an invitation to the court and your "trial". For things like weed the sentence is 3-5 years in jail, but our jails are overbooked so for those minor offenses you just get a fine, it was around a 500 $ for my friend that time, it was his first time, then the year after he was caught again, the fine was 1000 $. The same cop caught him exactly a year after the first time. Luckily for us, the judges know how retarded the "3-5 year law" is, so they have a practice to either give you a pretty high fine, or if you are younger they send to to "rehab". They did that to me, I didn't pay anything, but I had to go to the heroin addicts shelter to have a talk with a psychiatrist every week and to piss in the cup so they can check am I smoking weed or not. After 4 months of not smoking, pissing and talking I was free of all charges. Couple of years later the same story has repeated. Smile

Now I have a private place , live alone on an isolated island, so I can smoke whenever and wherever I like...


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