Very sad tale of religious intolerance
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04-08-2011, 12:51 PM
RE: Very sad tale of religious intolerance
No, no, I didn't mean that it is a good article, it is only written as if we all know the background of Afghanistan. And since I am on this forum for some time now, I presumed that people here will draw the same conclusion as I did, since most of us know much about religions in general. And I could be wrong, because it is never mentioned in the article, the specifics of all the religion/nationality. So, when I did a bit of research I must correct myself, I was partially right. They are Tajik and Hazara, two different ethnic groups living in Afghanistan. Tajik are Sunni Islam and Hazar are Shia.

There, when journalists can't write all the info, I will. In the end, two young people in love will be stoned to death by family and strangers because of religion. One religion, only different sides. Can't get more stupid and retarded than this and this is exactly why most of the world considers Islam as the most violent and abusive religion. I spit on all of them! *SPIT*

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