Violence in Islam
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30-01-2017, 08:49 AM
RE: Violence in Islam
(28-01-2017 04:35 PM)Minimalist Wrote:  Bad analogy - Britain was already at war with Germany.

Better analogy - Dubya convinced himself that Saddam Hussein had the capacity to launch an attack on the US with WMDs. He did this by ignoring any information to the contrary and accepting only those parts which supported his already-determined course of action. In the process, he fucked up the middle east for the rest of the century.

(29-01-2017 02:08 AM)Szuchow Wrote:  Given that GB was at war with III Reich at this time I see nothing immoral in this attack, especially in light of Nazi actions. Even possibility of them having nuclear weapon was nightmarish.

You're both correct; perhaps it was a bad analogy.
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