Virtual reality thought experiment
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06-05-2015, 09:39 AM
RE: Virtual reality thought experiment
(06-05-2015 09:17 AM)akeki Wrote:  I'm getting the feeling that you are misunderstanding my point, and that in the end we think the same.

When theist talks about there being a god and claiming that he knows anything about said god, I think the programmer analogy clears it out why I think it's not justified to claim that. The programmer could be there, no doubt about that, but we don't know[/] if that is the case. And even if we did know for certain that there is a programmer, that still won't get us anywhere because we have absolutely no idea who it is. And even if we really knew who it was, we couldn't tell if he/she was lying to us. But if a programmer wanted the program inhabitants to be aware of his/her existence, he/she would have tons of possibilities to show that 100% no doubt: write it on the sky, insert it into person scripts etc.

Okay. In that regard, the theist would say they know of God by what he tells us. Of course, that gets down to issues of trust, both in terms of can they trust what he says and can they trust that there even [i]is a god?

But I agree you're right in that they can't assert anything about God's nature without blindly believing what he (allegedly) says about himself.
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